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Private angel Coaching

Sometimes you just need someone to talk it out with, that’s non judgemental, loving and can empower you to take positive action. In these sessions you have an opportunity to ask your angels for advice, guidance and support in whatever is going on for you in any area of your life or spiritual business.

Along with the angels, I bring all of my spiritual tools and business knowledge and experience to the table to support you in your next steps.

Clients have described these sessions as ‘deeply healing’, ’empowering’, ‘life changing’ ‘mindset shifting’. Booking implies that you’re ready for change my loves!

(Plan about 1 and half hours : 1 hour for your session and at least 30 minutes afterwards for processing, integration and journaling)




Angelic GOLD Alignment 121 private Day

You want accelerated healing and breakthroughs in your spiritual business and your life.  You’d love clarity on your life purpose and sacred contract and you’re ready for really big transformation and change.  You know on a soul level that taking this time out from your life and business to spend it with me and your Angels, will literally be a catalyst for huge change and growth in every area of your life and you are totally ready for that. 

Taking just one day out from your daily life can have long-lasting beneficial and powerful effects in all directions in your life and business.

These one day alignment sessions include one pre-call to connect you with your angels for clarity and to prepare you to get the most from the day and one post-call to support you in the integration and implementation of your dreams, healing and next steps.

Lunch and refreshments included if we are in person.
However in the current circumstances we can also do this virtually if preferred.
After your first payment, we can schedule a pre-call to get you aligned with your angels and ready for your VIP day.
Full payment must be completed before your VIP Day.  

Payment plans available (Click here to book)



Angelic Gold alignment VIP VIRTUAL Group 

You want all of the above but prefer to work as part of a small group of like minded lightworkers with a spiritual business. You don’t want to travel to get incredible results.

You are ready to take action and know that you would benefit from being part of one of these Virtual  VIP Group. Group are limited to a maximum of 10 participants. 

For more details email : [email protected]



Access our beautiful Virtual Academy from anywhere in the world. Go at your own pace while allowing us to support you towards achieving your life & spiritual business dreams…


“Even before the call I could feel myself stressing of all the things I had to do: finish my website, photograph my paintings, work on learning more about Facebook…. the list was endless and overwhelming.

Aishling managed in just one call to focus my full attention on moving forward, 5 steps and I could see a way forward and the weight just lifted off my chest. I felt so much more aligned with what I had to do when I finished our call.

I can’t wait to get started now, instead of feeling weighed down by my to do list.”

- Bernadette Silcock

“Before the session I felt like I was chasing ideas from ‘mind’. You brought me back to ‘heart’ where I reconnected with my true passion, what I feel I’m essentially here to give the world.

You kept patiently asking me questions to go deeper and gave me the space to explore. Afterwards I stayed in that space and allowed words to pour itself onto paper. What we discovered hasn’t left me.

It feels like a calm seed germinating in its own tempo. Out of nowhere 2 clients actually got referred to me! Thank you for reconnecting me with my seed”

- Erika Verhoeven