The Wealthy Lightworkers Programme

Your complete system and support for achieving and increasing  Abundance AND Sustaining it in your Spiritual Business

Are you a struggling to make money and exhausted trying to make your spiritual business work?

Would you love Clarity and a Plan To Make Your Spiritual Business a Thriving Success?

Do you know you need ongoing coaching support from a community and coach that understands YOU and the different way that lightworkers do business?  

You’re disheartened, jaded, disillusioned and burnt out. Your family don’t get it, you feel unseen, unsupported and on your own except for the invisible realm you connect with.

Part of you thinks you should turn your back on your business…

But that will destroy your soul and the World will lose out on your light that is so truly needed now.

You love this work and it keeps you alive!

I know how hard it can be. I have been where you are now…
Though I have an Honours Degree in Education and Training and worked as a Personal Development Teacher,’ on the side I taught Angel Meditation, and I trained in Bach flowers, Reiki, crystals, massage, NLP, reflexology, aromatherapy- You name it, I’ve got a framed certificate for it! Yet, despite all my credentials and training I still wasn’t making any money.

I was actually exhausted and was giving to everyone else. The words the Doctor used were ‘Burnout‘ I couldn’t believe it and knew something had to change or my health would continue to deteriorate and I would have to give up my healing work and mission.

I began my quest to learn whatever I could about traditional business and marketing and use it to get my spiritual gifts out into the world and finally make good money from it.

My name is Aishling Mooney.

Angelic Intuitive and Spiritual Business Mentor and Coach, with an international spiritual business that’s now reaching and supporting thousands of lightworkers all over the world.

I’ve worked with lightworkers just like you and I’ve helped them to finally make good money from their spiritual gifts and healing work.  Even when they were on the verge of giving up.

I invested thousands to get these skills and knowledge. It took time to learn how to combine the practical with the spiritual. I also had to go through layers of mental beliefs, mindset blocks and clear generations of ancestral patterns around receiving money for my healing gifts. I know you’ve been there!

From that point onwards I started making good money and after years of my husband wondering when I would quit my ‘expensive hobby’ I started to feel proud and secure with making money and could pay for things I could never afford before – like making my home beautiful, uplevelling my wardrobe, being able to donate to my favourite charities, paying for football and dance classes for my kids and booking an all-expenses paid holidays to enjoy as a family.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about the stuff!

However, If I had trained in any other field computers, accounting, anything else I would be paid fairly for my services and work in the world.

But without practical business skills even the most gifted lightworkers just can’t make money from their gifts.

Let me show you how you can:

Finally make good money, feel good about being paid and combine the magical with practical business to create something that’s sustainable, profitable and Fulfilling
Reach thousands of new clients around the world who are happy to pay you for your healing gifts and get amazing results
Break through years of generational patterns of money blocks and beliefs to unlock the keys for a successful spiritual business
And so much more…..

Let me help you become the powerful, life-changing miracle worker you are born to be. Discover the power of a Lightworker who really steps into being in ‘Business’.

Get Clarity and Support To Make Your Spiritual Business A Thriving Success

Work with a mentor who can empower and guide you to create a business that supports you financially

Are you ready to manifest the life and spiritual business which is totally on purpose and fills your heart with gratitude everyday because you’re finally able to help those people that you are sacredly contracted to help?

Would you love a Spiritual Business that’s Sustainable, Profitable and Fulfilling?

It’s time you really shined your light in the world and helped the people you are under sacred contract to help?

The Wealthy Lightworker's Programme

Create a Spiritual Business That is Sustainable, Fulfilling AND Profitable

How would it feel to know without doubt you can pay your bills, afford luxuries for your own self-care and growth and buy the foods, items and trips that inspire you? What about causes that are close to YOUR heart?

Are you available to become someone who has more than enough money so that you can give to whatever you truly care about without worry?

Imagine me and you together in a this incredible energy vortex. We’ll work together to bring your vision for your spiritual business into reality.

In this programme we’ll be protected and held by your angels and guides, helping you to have accelerated transformation and development on many levels, spiritual, physical and emotional to release blocks and get you over the guilt, shame and fear and into your powerful, aligned destiny!

My unique blend of intuitive coaching and experience will help us to get behind the scenes of your life and business, to see exactly what’s working and what needs tweaking.

We’ll follow the step by step plan for you to create a spiritual business that’s profitable, sustainable and fulfilling and you’ll know exactly what to do next to navigate and accelerate growth and expansion in your life and business.

your twelve months coaching support includes:

Spiritual Business Foundations to make sure you have all your ducks in a row and you’re ready to recieve abundance in your business and your life.  This includes weekly and monthly income planners with some magical manifesting to make it all work like magic. We’ll also map out funnels and pathways for you to be able to serve your clients with ease, and get paid fairly for your healing gifts.
Spiritual Business Systems Having support structures, systems and processes in place to help you make things easier, you’ll avoid poverty, exhaustion and burnout.  There is an easier way and you deserve a life where there’s room for work, rest and play.
Spiritual Business Mindset this is one of the most important elements of creating a business and requires consistent support. Discover how you can give to many and not feel exhausted but instead energized. Let’s clear old patterns and beleifs that are keeping you stuck and in poverty in your spiritual business.
Spiritual Business Marketing  We will create a strategic marketing plan for your year ahead in your spiritual business. Let’s look at packaging, your offers and pricing and the practicalities of marketing and business and how to apply it all to your spiritual business so it invigorates and doesn’t drain you and consistently brings in clients over and over again.

Your Course Includes:

Group Spiritual Breakthrough session.
Gain clarity and create YOUR step by step plan for the next 12 months including goals and action steps   to support you in every single aspect of creating a spiritual business that’s sustainable, fulfilling AND profitable. Worth €500
2 X Group coaching calls per month (each week there will either be a call or content to help you) Get the confidence to charge the money your services are worth with laser coaching with Aishling to help you breakthrough blocks, stand in your power, make money mindset changes and clear behaviour and patterns that may be keeping you stuck and small. This is probably the most important part of the course.  Worth €2,000
4 X VIP Virtual Events during the year on specific topics:  Creating webinars, sales, creating content, managing money and creating multiple revenue streams, money mindset and wealth consciousness. How and when to hire support.  We’ll also cover the practicalities and legalities of running a business  and  much more…. Worth €4,000
4 X  Implementation Days to help you actually work through some of the projects and pieces that you need to get done in your business, for example: create your first ebook, record a series of meditations, create your first freebie, create a video or write an email series. These implementation days will guide and support you to deep dive into any area of your spiritual business that really needs your focus and help you to GET IT DONE!  Worth €2,000

Access to 4 Amazing Bonuses!

LIVE 2 day event in Europe in March each year, dates and location to be confirmed.  This gives you an opportunity to connect with and meet your tribe in person.  These retreats and events are magical and not be missed.  Worth €2,000
Angel Buddy accountability system with daily, weekly and monthly support.  This support will be ramped up a notch to include simple emails with questions and tips to help you stay on track. Priceless!
Incredible Facebook community for sharing and supporting you throughout the year.  This community is your virtual network which will grow internationally to a full team of lightworkers who have expertise in every single area of life and business.  You’ll have someone to help with your accounts, another that’s an expert in graphics and a network of incredible friends to cheer you on when you need it. Priceless!
The complete Abundant Heart Programme

Get your first spiritual business package or service online. This includes the Blueprint Launch Guide which gives you step by step instructions on how to launch your first programme Worth €997

Brand new bonus just added

Transform with Angels complete course

This is my hugely popular meditation series for connecting with the angelic realms and support into every area of your life and spiritual business. It includes 16 modules on every topic from creating more abundance, learning to forgive, protection, grounding and healing.

Worth €397

Brand new bonus just added

Spiritual Business Breakthrough

This is an incredible full day with Aisling which gives you the strategies and full 5 year business plan for your spiritual business. You will get the full recording and training pack to keep so you can go over this material as often as you want. Aisling combines the practical with the spiritual in her authentic and genuine down to earth style.

Worth €500

Brand new bonus just added (Brand NEW TRAINING!)

Heart centred sales with ease

Another amazing day focused solely on how to sell effortlessly and with integrity to cleitns who love you and want to pay to work with you.  How to market your VIP packages and how to carry out a sales call and use email marketing to fill your programmes and services.  This is pure gold dust and Aishling shares with you her techniques that have brought in thousands of euros in income every year for the past three years. It’s EVERYTHING she knows about authentic and effortless sales. 

Worth €997

Total Value €10,000 +

Imagine after years of fumbling in the dark…. with this high level suport and coaching you will get your spiritual business working for you and be making a profit while serving the people that need your healing gifts. You don’t have to wait any longer!  

The whole universe is rooting for you to shine your light!

I know you’re here for a reason, I know you’re meant to accomplish great things and your angels and guides want you to succeed. The struggle is over. It doesn’t have to be so hard anymore.  


Think about it….

The next step into the Wealthy Lightworker’s Programme could make THE difference and be a catalyst in your life and business for massive change and a huge step forward in getting your healing gifts out into the world.

The programme starts offically around harvest moon on 22nd September

Are you ready?

Let’s make this an incredible year for you and your business.

The complete Programme plus bonuses usually worth €10,000 

In 2019 this year long programme will be available for €5,000

As a founding member you get it at a huge discount

Book Your Place right now!

Best Value


1 Easy Installment Now

Great Value


€233 X 12 Monthly Installments

Praise from Happy Clients

‘The best investment in your business and yourself you will ever make’

Before the Abundant Heart programme I was at the point where I wasn’t sure where to go with my business. I was 9 months in after announcing myself on Facebook etc in business and had tried various other strategies from an other course, my own ideas, though nothing was working.

I was giving away lots of free content though I was not reaching my tribe or ideal client and response was fairly low or from family or friends I knew loved me, not colour therapy. I also had no idea how to market what I was offering and I actually wasn’t offering anything at all. I was giving all this content and then not offering any service in the hope they would contact me and want to work with me.

I was giving myself to the end if my first year before I had a good talking to myself though things weren’t looking great and I was worried deep down though would never have admitted it. The only thing I had going is that I knew I wouldn’t give up as it meant to much to me. Then thank God Aislings programme came along.

I now have a community of people I know are genuinely interested in what I do, I am crystal clear on my ideal client which has made a huge difference. This has drawn in the right people into my community and I know my purpose and my mission. I have enrolled people onto a programme which felt amazing, I have learnt how to package what I do so it is enticing and people actually want to buy it. I feel relieved firstly and know now that I am on track for the work I have been commissioned to do with my life and soul contract.

I would recommend Aisling as she is extremely intuitive firstly and picks up on things that can change your whole view of yourself and your business.

The programme is brilliant, easy to follow and actually works!

Aisling is a wonderful coach and mentor and will celebrate your success with you and help you every step of the way.

If you are struggling like I was I can assure you this is the best investment in your business and yourself you will ever make.

- Roisin McArdle (Indigo Rising - Colour Therapy)

‘Small manageable bites and the course is held by a great teacher ‘

The Abundant Heart program came into my life at the exact right moment for me. I stopped teaching yoga over 2 years ago and part of me was longing to get back to it. Working full time and living in the hustle of Dublin I couldn’t manage to organise a class, the thought of it didn’t excite me because I didn’t want an extra tie to Dublin.

I considered getting online but had no idea where to start and was terrified of Social Media. The thought of putting myself out there was very daunting. Just when I decided I was ignoring my calling and needed to teach again Aisling popped up on my news feed and she has been slowly shooing me along a path of baby steps through the Abundant Heart program ever since.

I’m now just about ready to launch my 1st program, I have a website, youtube channel, Facebook group, Facebook page and Instagram page. I can do livestreams, videos and talk about myself without breaking down in tears and I actually believe that my Yoga Program is worthwhile.

I can’t thank you enough for creating the Abundant Heart program Aisling, I’d still be scratching my head if it wasn’t for you. I’d recommend this course for the regular Nudges, Motivation, Support and Guidance from not only Aisling but a great bunch of girls in the the Facebook group. The steps are broken down into small manageable bites and the space is held by a great teacher.

- Linda Martin Kundalini Yoga Revolution

‘If you’re serious about getting your spiritual business online and sharing your light with the world then this programme is for you. ‘

Before the Abundant Heart Programme I knew I wanted to really make a go of my business but I just didn’t know how. I had spent so long trying to get somewhere but I lacked clarity and confidence on what to do and how to do it. It felt like a hobby and I had doubts I could earn a good living from my work.

Since I’ve done The Abundant Heart I cant believe it I had 9 people sign up for my programme and I really feel I can do this and have a profitable business from my work. I’ve learnt so much and gained so much confidence in myself. Don’t get me wrong I put the work and effort in but it really paid off.

My business is no longer a hobby or something I play at and I can’t thank Aisling enough for helping me get it off the ground.

If you’re serious about getting your spiritual business online and sharing your light with the world this programme is for you. I was ready and it’s the best commitment to my business I’ve ever made and I’ve made a lot of them in my time. You have to work and put the effort in but its broken up into easy steps and Aisling supports you every step of the way I’m so proud of myself what I can do now that I couldn’t before!

The world needs you and what you can offer…..this programme shows you how.

- Sarah Ashurst (Power Angels Tarot Course)

‘Bring your own unique gifts to light ‘

Aisling the way she works with you and how she gets to the bottom of things, it is an amazing gift that she has and helped everyone to bring their own unique gifts to light which was very special to be a part of it.

This course has made me look at myself and opened my eyes to getting more out for life and what I need to work on to make my dreams a reality.

There’s a wonderful energy from Aisling I would really recommend this course.

- Sharon Brown (Animal Guidance Communicator & Intuitive)

‘it never disappoints’

I cannot recommend this course highly enough!

I never know what to expect…but it never disappoints with the remarkable insight it provides. The impact this course has had on my life, has allowed me progress by Life Purpose very quickly, and way ahead of Schedule I have fearlessly launched my Parenting Course.

The course has simply brought all my life-times of experience together, making sense of all the little events and showing me how to progress spiritually to the next level with an ease and intuition I didn’t think was possible. Working with Aisling and Metatron is amazing, combined with the wonderful support of the Group, I Know my life is being Divinely Guided and Protected.

- Niamh Kelly

‘I now have clarity’
‘Before I knew changes were taking place within me but wasn’t sure what to do about these changes or where they were taking me. After working with Aisling; Yes stuff comes up and catches you unawares. Aisling knows how to work with this expertly along with the angels help. What has come out of this transformation experience is a much stronger Nora. I now have clarity. I know the road I am travelling now. I feel empowered in a way that is new to me.

I’m deeply grateful for having had this incredible experience. To anyone else planning on doing this course and stepping out of your comfort zone into the unknown , do it. Be brave, take that step. Its a very sacred space. No need to be afraid. Its life changing.’

- Nora McGuire

Risk FREE 14 day Money Back Gaurantee

To make this really easy for you. I’m offering you this too-good-to-be-true guarantee. If within 7 days of the course start date in September, you are not completely satisfied, then you will receive a full refund no quibbles and no questions. You must have completed and applied the first two modules, including all exercises and activities.

P.S.This is your time! Finally you’ll get the resources and the support you need to bring your business to the next level making it fulfilling, profitable and sustainable.