Spiritual and practical resources in challenging times!

Part 1:  You gotta laugh!

I’m writing to you from my home in the north of Italy.  As you probably know it’s in the headlines a LOT right now and not for its usual Italian food, beautiful lakes, mountains and generally incredible scenery.  Nope, the headlines are all about the C-word sweeping across the world!

Anyway in an effort to promote peace and calm, I thought it might be useful to share some of my thoughts, tips, practical and spiritual resources to help you whatever part of the world you’re in right now.

Before I start I want to say that of course I’m being sensible and following all the recommendations to protect myself and my family including social distancing, staying at home and washing our hands like never before!

We’ve also increased our vitamin c, are eating as healthy as we can and doing our best to exercise at least once a day.

I also want to say that what I share is NOT everyone’s cup of tea!  It’s my unique way of coping with trauma and my suggestions of what’s working for me.  Feel free to ignore anything I say that isn’t useful for you right now! And feel free to share this blog if you feel it might support someone somewhere struggling.

So the number one thing that has helped me get through nearly six weeks of lockdown with my husband and children is………….. A SENSE OF HUMOUR!

I’m reminded right now of one of my favourite angels Archangel Michael.  This angel is known as the protector and the one who gives us the courage and confidence to face our biggest fears and worries.

Where there’s fear, Michael is here.

Michael’s message is that you are strong and have whatever it takes to get through any challenge that’s in front of you.  But one of the things I absolutely love about Michael, he has an incredible sense of humour!

I remember so many times when my life was tough and I felt overwhelmed and in fear and Michael came along and helped lift my energy with a simple giggle or a big tearful belly laugh.

The first time this angel ever appeared to me, he was dressed as a clown! This might seem strange to you if you’re used to seeing Michael as an attractive young man wearing a breastplate of armour with a sword in his hand!  But it made perfect sense to me as I was working as a clown at that time in the Red Cross Entertainment troupe.  A group of us dressed as clowns would visit hospitals and children who were in long term care. We had so much fun with the kids making balloons, telling jokes and doing simple magic tricks.  It was an absolute blast. They benefited from the laughter and so did we!

I worked as a volunteer and then professionally (yes a professional clown! Lol) for about ten years and travelled all over Ireland and met thousands of children in private birthday parties and huge corporate events at Christmas and festivals. I’ve seen first hand how laughter can give us respite from some of the most serious challenges happening in our lives.  I’ve used laughter in almost every one of my angel coaching and healing sessions online and with private clients.  It’s the one tool that you absolutely NEED in your spiritual tool box.

One of Michael’s main messages is to remind you of the incredible power of laughter to heal, to lift your spirits, to relieve tension and anxiety and to just bring you back down to earth ESPECIALLY in times of difficulties and challenge. 

The other night I spoke on the phone with my sister and we literally howled laughing, you know that sister giggle when you realise that some things are just out of your control and there’s nothing you can do nothing about it but laugh at the lack of toilet rolls on shelves and panic supermarket shopping.

My brother has been sending me memes which are literally hilarious and have made me snort laugh so many times.  From one picture which was a fridge full of wine with the caption ‘I might not have any toilet roll but I’m ready’.  As I write this it still makes me giggle. Funny and often inappropriate membes right now are GOOD for you!

I know things look and in some cases things are serious.  I know that many people are experiencing real, uncomfortable and in some cases life-threatening challenges at this time.  I know that we are worried about our loved ones especially if they are elderly and/or have any underlying health issues. I know all of this and I also know that this worry and fear is not really helpful to your immune system, while being cheerful actually incredibly is!

I did a quick google search and this is what came up:

Does laughter boost the immune system?

‘A good, hearty laugh relieves physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after. Laughter boosts the immune system. Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease.Feb 16, 2020’ 


I know this might not seem ‘spiritual’ enough advice for some of you, but I feel it’s really worth adding to the conversation.  Laughter is a vital medicine that has literally saved my life countless times.  As a soul who has experienced depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and panic attacks, laughter is my go-to remedy.  I’m not saying it takes our troubles away but it honestly really does help us get through them!

And there’s plenty of science to back up what I’m saying, go google it!  It’s a far better use of your time than googling more info on the C virus for the millionth time.  I also just googled ‘THE HEALING POWER OF LAUGHTER’ and there’s tons of info about it!

Speaking for a moment about the ENERGETICS of colds, flu and viruses….

Energetically I see any enforced stop in our lives as a rest period before a growth period.  I remember when my kids were small and they got sick with colds and flu, it was usually just before a big growth spurt or when they did something new, like crawling one day and the next day they would stand up on two feet.

I noticed these periods as little mini-breaks before moving on to the next phase.

I really believe our world is shifting, beliefs are changing and people are waking up to a new reality.  We’re being forced to look at gender and racial inequality at ALL levels of our governments, systems and communities.  We’re learning how we need to change the way we’re using our planet’s resources and how to positively impact our planet for all of the beings living here right now and our future generations. We’re learning about how we can change the ways we use and distribute our wealth, time and energy.

There’s big change coming and I feel we need a rest before it happens.

There is soooo much good going on right now on our planet and despite doomsday stories, I feel this C virus may be just a momentary rest period in our own spiritual and global evolution.

My advice is to use this time to pour some energy back onto your dreams.  Write that book, plant those flowers, write those letters to your government, learn that new skill or language that will help you, do the thing you’ve putting off, spend time with your family and reach out those you care about. Or just completely CHILL OUT and enjoy this time at home as much as possible.

There are so many more useful and powerful ways to use your energy right now in the world.  Be kind, be generous and be loving to each other.  Reach out to anyone you know who is alone and make them smile or laugh.

‘What the world needs now is love sweet love.’

My biggest gift to you right now is to get a sense of humour and in the words of Brian (Life of Brian)  ‘Life’s a piece of sh**t when you look at it, but always look on the bright side of life’  It helps if you whistle as well!

Below I’ve included some of the things I’m doing right now to increase laughter and I’d LOVE TO HEAR WHAT YOU’RE DOING, post in the comments below (inappropriate snort laughing memes are especially acceptable at this time!)

My recommendations and things I do to make me laugh and feel good!

Watch some of your favourite short comedy videos on youtube, my top ones include::

Drunk Histories  (This is one of my absolute favourites, I have screamed laughing at these five minutes mini-films.  Beautiful moments in history told colourfully and truthfully by very drunk celebrities. It’s roll around laughing fun and also sometimes wonderfully poignant as you get to relive some incredible stories of amazing and courageous people.  Like Joan of Arc, Florence Nightingale and Rosa Parks love it!

Watch the classics:  Father Ted, Fawlty Towers, Monthy Python, Dumb and Dumber……

Watch SNL Comedy channel: Thousands of videos!
These are some of my favourite comedians Amy Shummer, Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell, Tommy Teirnan, Amy Poelher, Tina Fey,  Eddy Murphy, Kate McKinnon, Chris Rock, Melissa McCarthy, Keven Hart, Jack Black.

Watch some classic feel good movies, break out your old well-loved funny movies and watch them with those you love and have a giggle.  My favourites this week are anything with Eddie Murphy in it (my kids are discovering him now in the clumps so much fun! And this week we also watched Karate kid and all had a go at karate in our slippers!  I posted some not so flattering photos on my social media stories to give you a laugh.

Watch the old movie Michael with John Travolta starring as the hungover, cigarette smoking AA Michael

GET OUTSIDE and spend some time outdoors every day even a few minutes can make a difference to your overall sense of health and wellbeing.

Spend time with your pets and animals, science tells us this actually lowers our heart rate and reduces stress!

Create and listen to feel-good playlist on spotify or youtube and have it playing in the background to lift your spirits.

MOVE your body, dance, walk, exercise in whatever way you enjoy.

Clean and clear out your wardrobe or any area in your home.

DECORATE paint and decorate, move furniture around and give your environment a mini face-lift.

Thank you for reading so far and I really hope this message brings a lot of laughter and love into your heart and your life today.

I’m sending you so much love wherever you are in the world right now and kindly request that you don’t send me any more unrequested healing prayers and worrying messages (Yes I’ve had so many kind and worried angels in my community give me unsolicited health advice) while I’m grateful for your kind thoughts I would much rather receive your funny and inappropriate memes!

Also PLEASE let me know in the comments below what you’re doing to keep your spirits up during this time.  Your tips and tricks could help someone else that’s struggling right now.

Loads of love
Aishling xxxx

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