Did you know that your name holds a powerful vibration for healing and success for you in your life and business?  This can apply to your given name, your married name and any changes you’ve made to your name.  Watch the video and learn how I have applied this information.  It was life changing for me and I use it in now all the time my business and with my VIP clients and students.

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Learn how you too can use this information to help you understand your soul purpose and mission. It’s all contained in the vibration of your name which is incredibly important for success.  I use my name in my business and life to make more money and improve all areas of my life and you can too.

This is the very first module in the Abundant Heart Programme,
which is the Healer’s journey, your story, your life and the power of your name.

I would encourage you to do a detailed exploration of your name.  

Are you standing in the full power of the vibration of your name?   Below I’ve shared with you an exploration of my full name and how the angels came to show me how to raise my vibration.

My fulll name Aisling Rose Mooney. Rose is divine feminine essence, is love and forgiveness. This has been one of the journeys and the challenges that I have been gifted with in this life. Not always an easy one, but one that keeps coming up for me.

It’s my name. It’s my grandmother’s name. It’s my great-grandmother’s name. I’ve actually given it to my daughter. So it’s in family line for a few generations. My work, my business model is based around the rose and the flower. You can see this in my logo and branding which is a geometric rose.

The name Aisling is Gaelic and means a vision or dream. Aisling used to be Aislinn, it only came into being around the 20th century and it was a vision or a poem of a vision of freedom. So these were ballads that freedom fighters would sing. So yes, I really embrace that. For me, it’s a vision. My name means a vision or dream of freedom. I aim to give that in my work, give people back their freedom. Give them back their connection with the angels and the angelic realms and the freedom to believe in other things, as well as this physical reality. I also offer people the freedom to see and do business in a different way, especially Spiritual light workers.

My surname name is Mooney and this contains the energy of the moon, lunar energy, which is Archangel Haniel,  the angel of clear and healthy boundaries. I love to be a role model for the women in my community. That has been a very up and down journey for me, learning how to say no, how to say yes to myself, how to really tune in to what’s good for me and what I need to release and let go of.

“Mooney” also contains the energy of money and wealth and prosperity and this is one of the things that I have been focusing on really embracing in the last year especially, around money mindset, breaking through blocks, challenges and all beliefs that I have around money. I’ve shared that with my community and we’ve had parties and adventures and explorations all around money mindset behaviours and challenges and looked at releasing that.

Another interesting thing that has happened to me, on my birth certificate, there’s an “H” in my name. But my parents named me A-I-S-L-I-N-G, which is a Gaelic spelling of the word “Aisling”. But on my birth certificate, by mistake, whoever was filling out the registry added an “H”. But I’ve never embraced that “H” until now.

Early this year as I came out of meditation, I heard a voice say: ‘It’s time to put the “H” back in your name.’

I had no idea what that meant and it took me about eight months to absorb the message completely and act on it.  I know now it’s time to put the H back in my name.

I also did a detailed google search to discover more about the energy of “H”.  It’s about about abundance, money mindset, success, being an entrepreneur, being charitable, allowing in prosperity mindset and being an inspiration to the world and to the community and sharing your wealth.  No wonder my angels wanted me to take it back into the energy of my anme and begin to use it!

I thought I would share this story with you and I hope that it might help you. That it might resonate or trigger something in you, around the power of the vibration of your name. Are you standing in the full power of the vibration of your name? Because it can literally change your life.

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