Archangels & Ascension Retreat

6th, 7th & 8th June 2021


Global Virtual Event


Ready to step into powerful and deeply healing Sacred Space with your Angels and an incredible community of beautiful souls?  

Open to magic and miracles that always arise when we gather in communities seeking to connect with our angels help, support and guidance? 

Get insights, experience breakthroughs and learn to truly live as a light in the world with confidence and clarity and courage knowing you have your angels by your side?


Join me and your angels in sacred space in a community of light & love for a really special deeply healing & empowering angel retreat. 


Dear Loves
It’s been a tough year! And I know we’ve had global challenges but also many, many personal challenges. This past few months I’ve had a craving in my heart to completely retreat and spend some time with my angels. I think it’s going to become a yearly thing (This is my second year to host this event)

Is it just me or does it just feel a bit too noisy and often overwhelming out there right now? 

In these challenging times, while a lot of the world stays home….. Everyone is online more than ever, learning, talking and sharing.  Honestly to my heart it can feel too noisy and overwhelming at times. I literally NEED time alone to gather myself and my energies and to remember who I am and what I have in my heart to achieve with my time here on this planet.  What impact can I have, what difference can I make in the lives of those I touch?



I need reminding of my personal sacred contract and how I can assist in this global healing moment from my corner of the world. 

Maybe like me you’re adjusting to this new world that’s emerging.  Especially if you’re an introvert who needs time to process your thoughts and feelings so you can function well in the world. 

Maybe you’re feeling the pain and grief of so many people passing at once and the other devastating emotional, economical and radical effects of this historical moment happening across the globe.  

I really believe our world is shifting, beliefs are changing and people are waking up to a new reality.  We’re being forced to look at gender and racial inequality at ALL levels of our families, communities and government systems (this year in particular this issue has confronted many of us directly like never before!) 

We’re also learning how we need to change the way we’re using our planet’s resources and how to positively impact our planet for all of the beings living here right now and our future generations. We’re learning about how we can change the ways we use and distribute our wealth, time and energy so it’s fair for everyone. 
There’s big change coming and I feel we need to make space for us to come together and become the lightworkers, leaders and spiritual teachers we need to be at this time. 

These are strange and deeply healing times and I personally desire a space to process it all, to be sad, angry, forgive, to love, to release, to breakthrough my fears and doubts and worries and to rest in the arms of the divine and pure loving energy of the angels.

I want to gather myself for my next move, I want it to be impactful and helpful to as many as possible. To do that I need to retreat, rest and be in silence with my own heart and our community of lightworkers and earth angels.

So I’ve decided to open up sacred space and host an Angel Retreat for you and me to gather, to share and to heal ourselves and offer healing out into the world.

This is your invitation to join me and your angels at this incredible time on this planet.  Together we rise and together we can be and create the difference we want to see in the world.   

Archangels & Ascension Retreat

6th, 7th & 8th June 2021

worth €397

Early Bird

Now €197

Book before 31st May!

3 beautiful hours each day

Replays will be available so you can connect in at a time that suits you.

You will get to keep the recordings and activate the healing whenever you want in your life.

The beauty of this time is that instead of running away from the online space, we can make it work for us!

The conversation I’ve been having with my angels about this Angel Retreat goes something like this……

‘Wouldn’t it be amazing to sit in sacred space with other lightworkers, just resting, gathering ourselves and our energies. Imagine connecting with each other and our angels on a really deep level so we can hear our angel’s messages and guidance really clearly?

I wonder what breakthroughs we would have together? What support we could give each other, what radical shifts and transformation could happen when we take a moment to gather together to heal and love ourselves and every being on this planet?
How this space could help us release everything that’s happening for us around this crazy time in our planet’s history.

I wonder what miracles would occur for us and for the world if we all came together with the intention of being the change we want to see in the world.’

Yes I’m ready to book my place on the Angel Retreat!


What happens when we make time to reconnect with our souls and our angels?

Simply…. Magic and Miracles!

EVERY SINGLE TIME I take time out for myself, something changes in my life for the better. And I’ve seen this happen for my clients too and the beautiful participants that are brave enough to carve that time out for themselves.

Huge Breakthroughs, Hidden gifts emerge, deep healing, huge clearing, renewed sense of purpose and a refreshed head clear of the cobwebs of our usual lives.


For the second year running I’m hosting our angel retreat virtually and this is your invitation to join me live for three beautiful days.


Connect & raise your vibration to navigate this challenging year in our spiritual and global evolution from a strong centre


Experience the powerful, healing and loving energy of the Angels & Archangels


Regain confidence and say no with ease, just knowing in your bones that something is or isn’t right for you


Feel the support and love of being in a  community of likeminded lightworkers and earth angels on the planet right now

Whether you attend for five minutes or three whole days you’ll get exactly what you need right now. 

The focus of this retreat is to give you a deep sense of connection to your soul, your community, your angels and the divine spark of light within you that’s connected to everything.

Are your angels are calling you to join us in this gathering of souls in these extraordinary times?


Yes I’m ready to book my place on the Angel Retreat!

Worth €397

Early Bird

Now €197 
Book Before 31st May
[FYI Angel Circle members can attend for free. if you’re thinking of joining the angel circle reach out to us before booking your place [email protected]]




I stumbled across Aishling a few months ago and was drawn to work with her. I am in a place of deep transformation and Aishling and her beautiful work with the Angel’s has helped and guided me on my journey. She holds an incredible space of healing, encouragement, unwavering support and guidance. She and her beautiful community has been a support and light through the last few months.

Before working with Aishling, I had never worked with Angel’s before. I have embraced this new work and Aishling has made it so easy to understand and beautifully accessible all the time.

Aishling’s personal understanding and support is invaluable and I am truly grateful for “stumbling” across her path a few months ago.

Ailbhe Galvin

‘I’ve been trying to establish a true, clear connection with my angels for more than a decade. I just could not figure out how to do it!  Since joining the Angel Circle Membership, I’ve made great progress in establishing a true, clear connection with my angels! 

I’ve no doubt that the beautiful meditations that you provided to members as bonuses, the clear messages through your angel card readings (which seemed to come at the just the right time for me), the support of the other like minded members of the group and not least your kindness, caring and availability to members of the group especially during the lockdown period has given me the keys for me to unlock my connection to the angels.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  I’m so happy I became a member and am very grateful for all the support and help (practical and spiritual) that I’ve received from you and the group.

I highly recommend the Angel Circle Membership to anyone seeking a true and clear connection to their angels.  

Clare Keegan

I had no idea what to expect, I trusted the nudges and took a leap of faith and boy am I glad I did.

As I review my journey and the feedback I wrote after each module I see my development over the course. I have opened my heart and my mind to a better way of living, and have faced life’s challenges in new ways and with confidence as I receive guidance from the Angels. I have a library of meditations that I can use depending on my needs at a particular time. This has really benefited me as I use these meditations to bring peace to my life and give me strength and guidance as I need it.

As my journey unfolded my intuition has developed and my trust in myself and my abilities has deepened.  This is amazing for me as it was not so long ago I looked to everyone else for answers, now I look inside my heart for my own truths. This is very empowering.

It is the support from Aishling and the Community that is the magic recipe and the energy of the group is so positive and empowering. A lovely place to be.

I wholeheartedly recommend people to give it a go. You’ve everything to gain.


A great way to connect with the angels! All the pieces of the puzzle finally came together like a tapestry and I now understand exactly how the angels can help me in my life!

Cathy Farrag Ahmed

I thoroughly enjoyed the Angel Meditations. This was my first experience of this. Total relaxation and wonderful experiences with the Angels.

I have just completed the caterpillar stage, and can already feel my chrysallis forming so my butterfly wings can develop. I am having an amazing time on this course so far and would recommend it to anyone who wants to transform and bring the angels into their life more. Aishling presents the course in an easy to follow manner, pressure free and I would recommend her courses to everyone.

Thank you Aishling


Mandy Sweeney

This is a truly spirit led course, Aishling has a natural gift for connecting us to the beautiful angel energy. As with all her fabulous courses, this amazing lady continually manages to motivate and inspire us, long may she continue.

Jenny McGuinness

Aishling does this course in a wonderful easy way , that relaxes you as soon as you begin, you are totally transported to another realm , meeting the Angels and receiving wonderful healing and messages. Everyone doing this course will definitely have transformed in a major way by the time they finish it. Life will never be the same, Great News!

Anne Alexander

I have just completed the angel course with Aishling.  I have to say before I started doing them I did not know what to expect. I received many re-assuring messages from the angels, and met many wonderful new like minded friends. I found Aishling to be brilliant, very welcoming and warm and the Meditations were relaxing and very easy to follow.

Brian Kelleher

Reiki and Angel Healer and practitioner

I have just finished my Angel course with Aishling and the angels. It has been a lovely relaxing few hours every week, just for me to recap on life and think about past present and future. Life is so busy and passes so quickly, this time is very valuble to take stock,Aishling’s voice makes everyone feel so special and protected by all the angels. I love the beautiful meditations that are experienced in so many different ways each week

Grainne Nolan

Reiki Healer

Aishling’s meditation classes are a real joy and a lovely relaxing experience which stays with you. An experience which you should try.


Many thanks for the wonderful Angel Meditation classes.  The energy there was amazing as were the people that I met. Aishling is a fantastic facilitator and very intuitive.  If you do yourself one favour this year, attend an Angel event, online or in person, with Aishling.

Grainne O'Toole

Holistic Practitioner and Reiki Healer

Aishling’s class is such a joy. I really loved the meditation experience and relaxation. I found it a healing time for me.


I’ve done some courses with Aishling, Transform with Angels, Simple Success & Love your life. Aishling is fantastic, she presents the classes in a fun way & informative way. I’ve changed many things about my life and business since meeting Aishling. I would highly recommend her courses & services to anyone who wants to create change in their lives

Caitriona Hicks

Aishling’s angel meditations offer a few hours of relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Aishling’s voice and gentle personality make everyone feel comfortable to talk about their angel experiences. Thank you!

Sinead Minahan

I really enjoyed the last angel course and the group, so relaxing and helpful.

Valerie Stephenson


I’ve experienced so much in Aishling’s angel class, through meditation and angel cards. I would strongly recommend her class.

Jennifer Loughran

Fantastic course! I really connected with the angels and felt the healing power. I would recommend for all.

Rosaleen Cooling

The angel class was extremely uplifting, powerful and enjoyable. The group were friendly and welcoming, it was a fantastic experience! Thanks Aishling


Yes! I’m ready to book my place now! 

Worth €397

early Bird

Now €197
Book Before 31st May!