Divine Feminine rising Retreat


Empowering spiritual women for success in life & business

21st, 22nd & 23rd July 2021


Global Virtual Event


Would you like to spend some time in our powerful healing community virtual retreat space, releasing old patterns and beliefs and raising your overall vibration, self-esteem & confidence??

Are you ready to make a bigger impact in your spiritual business, learn how to reach more people and increase your revenue?

Are you looking for support to help you navigate this time of  transformation and ascension that we are collectively experiencing? 

Now more than ever we’re being called to gather together to plan our best next steps that will have the biggest positive impact in our businesses, our communities and the world.


Dear Loves
Wow! what a roller coaster 15 months it’s been!  As we all begin to re-join our communities and the world I want to invite you to make some real space for yourself for this brand new world you’re stepping into.
I believe that the wellness industries are set for a massive boom and I want you to be ready for it!

As part of my commitment to supporting you this year, our annual angel retreat will focus on empowering women to be successful in all areas of life, business & relationships.

In these interesting times everyone is online more than ever, learning, talking and sharing.  It’s a whole new world and way of working and communicating and we also need to remember that we absolutely NEED time alone to gather ourselves and our energies and to remind ourselves of our sacred contract and what we have in our hearts to achieve right now on the planet.  What impact can you have, what difference can you make in the lives of those you touch?



we need reminding of my personal sacred contract and how we can assist in this global healing moment from our corner of the world. 

Maybe like me you’re adjusting to this new world that’s emerging and you’re feeling the emotional, economical and radical effects of this historical moment happening across the globe?  

I really believe our world is shifting, beliefs are changing and people are waking up to a new reality.  We’re being forced to look at gender and racial inequality at ALL levels of our families, communities and government systems (this year in particular this issue has confronted many of us directly like never before!) 

We’re also learning how we need to change the way we’re using our planet’s resources and how to positively impact our planet for all of the beings living here right now and our future generations. We’re learning about how we can change the ways we use and distribute our wealth, time and energy so it’s fair for everyone. 

There’s big change coming and I feel we need to make space for us to come together and become the lightworkers, leaders and spiritual teachers we need to be at this time. 

Let’s gather to plan our next move so you can be as impactful as possible. The best way I know is to retreat, rest and be in silence with your own heart and a community of like-minded sisters and earth angels.

Join me in a community of light & love for a really special deeply healing & empowering retreat. 


This is your invitation to join me and your angels at this incredible time on this planet.  Together we rise and together we can be and create the difference we want to see in the world.

Divine Feminine Rising Retreat

21st, 22nd & 23rd July 2021


The retreat takes place virtually with ZOOM over 3 days 9am to 12 noon.

You’ll also get access to our private pop up Facebook Group to learn, share and network with your fellow lightworkers.

(REPLAYS Are available for all sessions so you can access at a time that suits you)

The conversation I’ve been having with my angels about this next Retreat goes something like this……

‘Wouldn’t it be amazing to sit in sacred space with other lightworkers and spiritual women, resting, healing, gathering ourselves and our energies? Imagine connecting on a deep level to hear our soul’s guidance really clearly?

I wonder what breakthroughs we would have together? What support we could give each other, what radical shifts and transformation could happen when we take a moment to gather together to heal and love ourselves and every being on this planet?
How this space could help us release everything that’s no longer serving us and our spiritual businesses in this monumental time in our planet’s history.

Yes I’m ready to book my place on the Retreat!


What happens when we make time to reconnect with our souls and our angels?

Simply…. Magic and Miracles!

EVERY SINGLE TIME I take time out for myself, something changes in my life for the better. And I’ve seen this happen for my clients too and the beautiful participants that are brave enough to carve that time out for themselves.

Huge Breakthroughs, Hidden gifts emerge, deep healing, huge clearing, renewed sense of purpose and a refreshed head clear of the cobwebs of our usual lives.


Connect & raise your vibration to navigate this challenging time in our spiritual and global evolution from a strong centre


Experience the powerful, healing and loving energy of the Angels & Archangels


Regain confidence and say no with ease, just knowing in your bones that something is or isn’t right for you


Feel the support and love of being in a  community of likeminded lightworkers and earth angels on the planet right now


Gather your energy, reconnect with your sacred contract and decide how you’re going to show up and what impact you want to make, in this whole new world ahead of us. 

Whether you attend for five minutes or three whole days you’ll get exactly what you need right now. 

The focus of this retreat is to give you a deep sense of connection to your soul, your sacred contract, your community, your angels and the divine spark of light within you that’s connected to everything.
From that place you can make decisions and create a life that fits you and your vision of the future.

Are your angels calling you to join us to gather together and rise together in these extraordinary times?


Yes I’m ready to book my place on the Retreat!




I stumbled across Aishling a few months ago and was drawn to work with her. I am in a place of deep transformation and Aishling and her beautiful work with the Angel’s has helped and guided me on my journey. She holds an incredible space of healing, encouragement, unwavering support and guidance. She and her beautiful community has been a support and light through the last few months.

Before working with Aishling, I had never worked with Angel’s before. I have embraced this new work and Aishling has made it so easy to understand and beautifully accessible all the time.

Aishling’s personal understanding and support is invaluable and I am truly grateful for “stumbling” across her path a few months ago.

Ailbhe Galvin

I’ve been trying to establish a true, clear connection with my angels for more than a decade. I just could not figure out how to do it!  Since joining the Angel Circle Membership, I’ve made great progress in establishing a true, clear connection with my angels! 

I’ve no doubt that the beautiful meditations that you provided to members as bonuses, the clear messages through your angel card readings (which seemed to come at the just the right time for me), the support of the other like minded members of the group and not least your kindness, caring and availability to members of the group especially during the lockdown period has given me the keys for me to unlock my connection to the angels.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  I’m so happy I became a member and am very grateful for all the support and help (practical and spiritual) that I’ve received from you and the group.

I highly recommend the Angel Circle Membership to anyone seeking a true and clear connection to their angels.  

Clare Keegan

Prior to the retreat, I was feeling rather stuck in a rut, tired and despondent, as I had a number of difficult challenges to face which didn’t seem to be going away and I couldn’t envisage a way forward. I was feeling as if I was battling against the world by myself and trying to do the best I could against the odds.

This retreat was really something else! It’s hard to find the words to describe the elation I have felt in taking part in the breathtaking meditations (beautifully and gently guided by Aishling) during which I gained so much clarity of purpose, inner strength and a deep sense of renewal and understanding of who I am and my importance & value in the world.

My main takeaway is that life doesn’t have to be a struggle and that with the help and guidance of the angels it can be a life of ease, serenity, steadfastness and unrelenting joy.

The group energy was palpable and electric and it was truly wonderful to properly connect with this amazing group of deeply intelligent, compassionate, non judgemental and heart led women – and because they are all connected to the angelic realm too, the synchronicity of their experiences during the meditations was simply awe-inspiring and profound.

Aishling is one of the most pure-hearted women that I’ve ever come across and she hosts this retreat with such ease, grace, humility & sincerity. Her child-like sense of fun and playfulness is also infectious and I can’t remember when I have laughed so much!!! I feel renewed, repositioned and re-energised and most of all I feel that I am surrounded and supported by magnificent and jaw-dropping Angels and I feel deeply loved and understood.

Thank you so much Aishling for being such an incredible mediator between these two realms, and for creating this incredible space for us to interact and obtain such an indescribable sense of peace & purpose xxxx


Yes! I’m ready to book my place now! 


I felt drawn to join the retreat I just knew it was going to be life changing and I wasn’t disappointed. I connected with some amazing ladies in the group and we all had so much in common.

The main thing I learnt was about forgiveness and that I was still holding on to grief and working so hard so I didn’t have to process it properly. I was so emotional and finally realised what I had been doing and am ready to let go. In one of the sessions I pulled the “Star Mother” card and that’s when it clicked I was so used to mothering others and being there for everyone else as that’s what my own mum had done

I am away on the campervan now for 2 weeks and for the first time in years feel I can just sit and chill and I don’t need to be doing and giving all the time and I know it was being on the virtual retreat that has allowed this to happen

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Aishling for your honesty and energy that hasn’t changed in the years I have been working with you. Can’t wait for another retreat in person as I have been on a couple of yours before and know how amazing they are


Bernie Curd

A retreat for me represents; time out, rest and connecting with yourself and your intuition.

But when you have a great facilitator, Lightworker and inspirational person like Aishling Mooney a lot more is definitely going to happen. Amazing woman
I didn’t realise how much I needed it, the Angel’s allowed me to just be in my space and I released a past life trauma that I was holding from an early age. It was making me anxious but I was ready to release it. Wow the healing and transformation! I’m excited, I never felt ready for this life but by God I am now.

Today I am ready to lead with my passion! Fear you are taking a back seat and passion you are leading the way.

I’m showing up, I’m taking the challenge to be visible, I want to show the world the incredible sunshine that lies within.

Thanks so much for all your strength, tears, laughter and friendship too..


Anna O’Brien

Thank you Aishling so much for the most profound retreat I’ve ever been on. Everything flowed so beautifully & I loved all the meditations. The last one especially on day 3 where I got all my insights & understanding of my purpose. I really loved the breakout rooms where I met the most wonderful, supportive women. 

I had been realising that it’s not only me that hides away or is apprehensive about sharing their gifts. That it’s part of our unfolding & that each of us has what we need within us to help other people. 

So it’s time to shine & rise up & light up others from within. I love that phrase & know it is to play a great part in my art. Once again, this retreat was a blessing & has opened up so many possibilities for all of us. I look forward to hearing all about the great work everyone is doing as we weave our light around the world


Maria McCormack

Yes! I’m ready to book my place now! 


I was so looking forward to this wonderful retreat and wow it was absolutely brilliant.
The energy was so strong and everyone was so supportive of one another.
Aishling did a superb job, she’s one very special lady.

I am ready and very excited about what the angels have in store for me.
I feel that my sparkle is back.
Huge thank you 🙏

Highly recommend the retreat for beginners or more experienced light workers.
We all need time to play and recharge our batteries.

Debbie Stewart

An amazing retreat, I went in looking for support in my confidence in my work and visibility. I felt things were holding me back. I received a witch wound clearing, I had Archangel Michael and Metatron clear so much clutter from my mind and stuff I was hanging onto. 

Each meditation was amazing, I received so many clearings in the 3 days with so many ahas.

Day 3 just totally surprised me, a great uncle appeared in the meditation to support me and I felt so grounded after it all.

My pipe dream doesn’t feel as much as a pipe dream any more and my spirit guides are supporting this vision too. Just utterly amazing. I feel so grounded in myself and my work now. Thank you so much Aishling for your incredible work


Catherine McGrenaghan

The retreat was a wonderful experience. Before, I was struggling with finding time for myself and was feeling increasingly frazzled and grizzly, like a bear in need of hibernation. 

However, I left my family to get on with things and told my children I was taking time out. I met some incredible people, did a lot of soul-work, enjoyed the sublime meditations and feel completely recharged, regenerated and renewed.

Afterwards, that afternoon, my daughter said I seemed really “zingy and cool!” This retreat was the best gift to myself in a very long time. I am now clearer on my next directions, more focused on my goals than ever and feel much more sparkly. 

Thank you Aishling Mooney, thank you to the incredible angel group and thank you angels. xx

Jenny Wilson

Yes! I’m ready to book my place now! 



I had such a wonderful time on the retreat. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed leading up to the retreat and the three days just gave me that space to step back and reconnect. I learned a lot and also a lot about myself. 

To be honest each day I felt like I was walking on a cloud afterwards! It was uplifting and revitalising and that feeling has stuck with me since. It’s so reassuring to hear that we are all going through similar crap and share many of the same fears and worries, as well as highs and achievements. 

The best part of course was getting to share the space with all the other lovely people, thank you so much!


Merle Byrne

Thank you Aishling for an amazing 3 day retreat. I am so so grateful for this time out and the beautiful bunch of ladies that showed up.

The healing exercises were so powerful for me. I’ve always struggled with being seen and speaking in front of others (I even had trouble on the first day with my zoom camera) yet I felt my throat chakra open and found my authentic voice on your retreat. I cannot thank you and the ladies enough for all the encouragement, kindness, connection, support and love shown throughout the 3 days

The breakout rooms were a gift to be able to connect with smaller groups and I was inspired by the stories and chat shared in each group 

It was heartwarming to see we all came with the same hopes, fears, dreams and wishes.

It was the most soul-filling and special time and I’m looking forward to your next retreat/adventure (no pressure ) Deep love and  blessing to everyone

Keep shining brightly ladies, your unique candle lights the way for other


Ita Norton

Serenity, peace, calm, understanding, self worth, inner light shining brightly, magical beings, earth Angels, support, sisterhood, Oak Trees and Butterflies, and so much more….they are the words that come to mind but as to how I’m feeling both deep inside of me and outwardly, I would need to write a book to fully explain how I’m feeling.

Having spent the last few days in angelic energy I ask myself why I have deprived myself of totally immersing in this amazing energy. 

I thought I was doing it…..but it appears not. Aishling Mooney created the most spectacular sacred space and I was surrounded by amazing like minded earth Angels whose support and kindness was like a protective magical cloak. I knew I needed something to get away from the everyday and then Aishling announced that she was running a retreat online. 

I thought it would be the next best thing as physically getting away wasn’t possible. I was tired and struggling to move forward with my holistic business and as the old saying goes …..if something isn’t working, turn it off, and turn it back on again.  

Well emerging out the other side of this amazing retreat is like a rebirth and like the Phoenix rising up from the flames I feel energised, motivated, inspired and at the same time rested and with such a calm inner feeling of contentment and love.

We often think that we need something like a retreat, but it’s only after the event we realize just how much we needed it. 

I spent yesterday afternoon in the woods with my Oak Trees and connected with them like never before, this was entirely due to the sacred space I was in. Then last night I slept like my existence depended on it and awoke refreshed this morning to see butterflies everywhere dancing around me.

Thank you so much for this amazing experience Aishling


Aisling Irwin

I was so confused, stuck at a crossroads. Feeling like everything was going to blow up, my relationships, my business. I didn’t know which direction to go in. 

I’m now sat here with clarity, focusing on the priorities that I took from our session, with a very strong direction of what steps to take. I feel empowered and deeply grateful that I booked a session. 

You know the wisdom is in there, sometimes you need someone to see you and know exactly what you are talking about and what is the immediate thing you can do to make the path clearer. We dived straight in, I feel like I’m in control. Incredible session, Aishling is loving, compassionate and real. 

Feeling so grateful that I’m reminded to call in my angels. You cannot do the shadow work without the light. I was so used to saying you can’t do the light work without the shadow work I’d forgotten this beautiful part of the spiritual journey. 

Feeling loved, blessed and empowered. 

Deep gratitude 


Nicola Parish

Yes! I’m ready to book my place now!