This month I’ve been guided by my angels to open the doors to Your Angel Circle Membership for free for 30 days to support as many of you in my angel community as possible. 

It’s the most exciting thing I’ve done in ages and I’m loving seeing the community begin to gather and grow.

If you haven’t seen it yet take a look HERE

So you have questions (I got the emails!) and created and FAQ list for you.  If there’s anything I missed and you have more questions just pop them in the comments below or email me. 

So let’s go!

1.   How can I sign up fast and get the first 30 days free?

Simply go to this link: https://aishlingmooney.thinkific.com/courses/angelmembership
At the checkout enter the COUPON CODE: save33  

2. Is the membership the same as Transform with Angels as I already have that course? 

TWA is a 12 week home-study programme with no live interaction or support.  Your Angel Circle Membership is an ongoing open community space with live calls and sessions with me throughout the year.  I’ll use a lot of the material I have created and gathered on angels over the years and will add content continuously in the first year as we’re building this together. 

Each month is dedicated to the energy of an Archangel, for example, Michael will be in the first month and the focus is on confidence and courage.

Each month will include: live healing sessions and live Q & A coaching calls, Angel card readings, A monthly angel focus, Lightworkers Mastery expert series and access to some of my best and most loved courses including; Transform with angels, meet your Guardian Angel, A to Z of Angels and the Forgiveness course.

CLICK HERE: http://bit.ly/angelcirclemembership

3. Is Your Angel Circle exclusively about angels?

The main focus is on angels but we’re a spiritual community so we’ll talk about many different things including; Forgiveness, healing, relationships, manifesting, goddess and divine feminine energy, environmental issues, spirit animals, past lives, crystals and absolutely anything you want to talk about and need support with.

4. I’m a complete beginner is this suitable for me?
The membership community is a space for everyone at all levels.  I wanted to create a space where you can come give support and be supported.  Some of our members have been working with me for many years and some are just joining. 

5. I already work with angels and hold my own groups and circles, is this suitable for me?

YES!  I’ve been working with angels for 20 years and I get value by connecting with like-minded people and lightworkers and earth angels like you all the time.  For many of us as lightworkers, we give and forget to receive and often don’t ask for help. 

My intention is that we build a community space where you can come to be comforted, supported and loved whatever you’re going through in your life.  You will GIVE of course but you will also RECEIVE!  I hosted my first angel circle years ago just so I could have a place to talk about angels with other people who think like I do.  I still need that space in my life.

CLICK HERE: http://bit.ly/angelcirclemembership

6. Why is it so inexpensive?

You’re right It cost a lot more in the past to work with me in my VIP programmes Mastery with Metatron and the Abundant Heart Programme. These programmes are still available, but I found the constant launching exhausting and it left no time to write the books I want to write or create content or host the events that are in my heart. 

Having a membership is a more sustainable way for me to work right now and I can reach so many more people with my work.  I may offer other work and programmes in the future but right now this is what’s calling me and brings me joy to create.

7. Will you never teach spiritual business again?

Never say never, but right now my feeling is that I have fulfilled a soul contract and have created multiple programmes and free and paid resources for spiritual entrepreneurs.  They are all available as home study programmes and can be accessed in my Lightworkers Academy. 

I still believe that heart centred spiritual entrepreneurs with money can change the world. and I’ll do whatever I can to support whoever needs it in my community. I would LOVE to write some books on the subject to share and finally, I’ll have the time!

CLICK HERE: http://bit.ly/angelcirclemembership

8. Can I join the membership anytime?

Yes you can join anytime and if you decide it’s not for you, you can leave anytime.  There’s a monthly membership fee or annual membership. Right now you can join for €33 per month.    


9. Can I get your other programmes too? 

Yes of course, everything is available HERE in the Lightworkers Academy.  When you join Your Angel Circle Membership you also get 30% of all our courses, programmes and events!

10. is this a small VIP group or a large group?

This is a group space with live calls and peer support.  It’s how I love to work and I’ve managed to build incredibly loving spaces and groups where we can come together and support each other.  My VIP packages and 121 coaching start at €3000+ 

Your Angel Circle Membership is the most affordable way to get my support and also the support of hundreds of lightworkers, healers, coaches around the world.  

If you have any questions please let me know asap. Send me a DM or email us at [email protected]  

See you in there!


Aishling xxx

CLICK HERE: http://bit.ly/angelcirclemembership

P.s. The best question to ask yourself is Do you want to work with me in 2020 in a way that’s affordable, rewarding and going to help you grow spiritually and personally? If you answer YES then CLICK HERE: http://bit.ly/angelcirclemembership


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