Praises from happy clients

Roisin McArdle

Colour Therapist

Are you wondering how to get your first package created and online? Roisin says now she knows how to create an incredible new package for her perfect client in just 24 hours! She has used the Abundant Heart Programme over and over again for all her packages.


Marie went from exhausted and burned out to getting online with her spiritual packages and serving clients with ease.

Marie was based in a very small town in North of Ireland and was struggling to get clients and create consistent income in her spiritual business.

Abundance Masterclass for Lightworkers

with Aishling Mooney Spiritual Business Mentor

Olwen Jennings

Reiki Master Teacher

Olwen uncovered a deep fear of visibility and this was unconsciously sabotaging her whole spiritual business.

In less than one year she has completely rebranded under her own name! I know her story will inspire you today

Marina Beech

Soul Alchemist

Marina went from having absolutely no spiritual business to creating her first VIP package and now has a thriving business with clients from all over the world.

One of Marina’s secrets is showing up 100% to everything she does. I know her story will lift you up.

Debra Kilby

Spirit Baby Communicator and Coach

Debra completely changed her business model and the way she delivered her packages and services. She also uncovered a beautiful new healing gift and is a Spirit Baby Communicator and Coach who is helping women at all stages of conception.

Linda Martin

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Linda created her first online YOGA course using the Abundant Heart Programme. Since recording this video she has created numerous courses and packages in person and online using the information, marketing and business tools she’s learned.

Abundance Masterclass for Lightworkers

Graduates of Mastery with metatron

This was a beautiful call with graduates of Mastery with Metatron.
They shared their biggest breakthroughs, learning’s and aha’s from taking part in the VIP programme and how it has positively affected every area of their lives.

Sarah Ashurst

Sarah explains how she followed the Abundant Heart Programme and in her first ever launch almost sold out her first online course. She was able to package her healing services into a Transformational and deeply healing experience for her clients.

Abundance Masterclass for Lightworkers

with Aishling Mooney Spiritual Business Mentor