EP1: Healthcare Workers Healing Meditation To Support You During Covid-19

by | Mar 4, 2020

with Aishling Mooney Angel Intuitive

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About This EpisOde

This meditation is deeply healing and was created for anyone in a healthcare position right now. That’s you if you’re caring for a family member or you’re a professional working as a Doctor, Nurse or in Emergency Services.
You may also be in a residential setting caring for elderly or those with mental or physical disabilities.

This meditation will give you respite and rest. It’s a few minutes to help you recharge, heal, let go and release.
Meet your Guardian Angel the healing angel Archangel Raphael and the incredibly comforting presence of Archangel Azrael.
These three beautiful beings come together to support you during these challenging times.
All my love
Aishling xxxx
Aishling Mooney Angel intuitive, Founder of the Angel cafe and the Angel Circle Membership
Author of Angels are with You.

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