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I did a series of livestreams on my Facebook page covering talking working with the energies of Archangel Metatron and Mother Mary and it was amazing!  The energy was so powerful and all the videos are available HERE

I’ll bring you through the Mastery with Metatron modules that I channelled a few years ago.

Seven modules in seven days.

Monday BASE Forgiveness

One of the first and biggest keys to manifesting abundance in every area of your life and becoming a magnet for clients and consistent income

Tuesday SACRAL Support

How embracing support on every level of your life and spiritual business opens the doors to an extraordinary foundation for success in all areas.

Wednesday SOLAR PLEXUS Surrender

At some point we have to realise that WE don’t have to do EVERYTHING!  There is a higher power and a thousand angelic beings available to help you in EVERY SINGLE area of your life.  But first you must really understand surrender : Let go and let God.

Thursday HEART Resurrection 

This is both the resting point and the reconstruction point.  It’s the caterpillar in the cocoon growing wings so it can fly as a butterfly. Embracing this moment in our growth paves the way for continuous cycles of success that just go deeper and deeper.

Friday THROAT Visibility

This is one of the biggest for many lightworkers.  Getting clear on YOUR MESSAGE and why you are here.  Accepting that it’s time to be visible and share your unique healing gifts with the world.

Saturday THIRD EYE Acceptance

There is a deep acceptance of being one with all of life, of being a GOD or allowing God to work and play through you, to create through you.  It’s about accepting YOUR part in the story of creation. Self acceptance and worthiness are huge here and also the idea that the message is more important that your fear of being visible. It’s time to shine your light my love.

Sunday CROWN Connection

If you are truly connected to ALL of life and ALL dimensions and possibilities including all layers of time what impact does this have on your mind body and spirit?  The world is literally in your hands and this is the biggest step you can take in self mastery.

Just turn up on my FACEBOOK PAGE  and watch the livestream. To get notifications whenever I’m live next week just go to my page now and click LIKE.CLICK HERE FOR FACEBOOK PAGE

If you’ve heard about the Mastery with Metatron programme and want a sneak peek inside, this is a wonderful opportunity to ask me questions and explore the energy of Metatron (and also for the first time we’re also working with the energy of Mother Mary).

See you there
Aishling x

P.s. If you decide you want to go even deeper into this spiritual healing work then this may be your next step:

Mastery with Metatron & Mother Mary

Full Immersion LIVE

Seven week programme starting now

This is a self study programme that you have access to 24/7.  You can go at a pace that’s comfortable for you.



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