Your masterclass

What to expect

You are very welcome to this Masterclass for Lightworkers and we hope that you enjoy and  get so much benefit from this training. Our aim is that we support as many lightworkers as possible to achieve wealth through their spiritual businesses.  If you ahve tried everything else and been struggling to make it work and make some money even after years in business, then you’re in the right place. 

Bookmark this page as everything you’ll need in the coming week will be here for you.  Make sure to get to the LIVE sessions as thats truely where magic happens.  In these live interactions expect to get huge breakthroughs and aha’s and finally see what’s not working and how to change it. 


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Sessions dates and times for your diary 

Make sure to mark these dates in your diary and be present for the live sessions.

Session 1 : Crafting your elevator speech  WATCH REPLAY HERE

Session 2 : The difference between traditional marketing and spiritual business

Session 3 : Mistakes you must avoid to start making money in your spiritual business

Session 4 : What the world needs now is (your) love, sweet love.  Why it’s time for you to shine and how to actually do it authentically and powerfully in a way that doesn’t drain but energises you.


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Your tribe are waiting

The secret to making it work in spiritual business or any area of your life is having a community of supporters who have your back.  Join your Facebook group that’s open to support you through this whole live masterclass.  You can ask questions and make new friends and take the work we’re doing here to a whole other level. 

CLICK HERE to join the group and straight away say hi and tell us about your spiritual business and where you’re stuck. Can’t wait to meet you!

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What this training will do for you and your spiritual business.....

Would you prefer to take part in our training programmes and packages specifically designed for Lightworkers with a spiritual business? You can go at your own pace and become part of an incredibly supportive community of Lightworkers, all ready to support you towards achieving your dreams…
“Even before the call I could feel myself stressing of all the things I had to do: finish my website, photograph my paintings, work on learning more about Facebook…. the list was endless and overwhelming. Aisling managed in just one call to focus my full attention on moving forward, 5 steps and I could see a way forward and the weight just lifted off my chest. I felt so much more aligned with what I had to do when I finished our call. I can’t wait to get started now, instead of feeling weighed down by my to do list.”
- Bernadette Silcock

“Before the session I felt like I was chasing ideas from ‘mind’. You brought me back to ‘heart’ where I reconnected with my true passion, what I feel I’m essentially here to give the world. You kept patiently asking me questions to go deeper and gave me the space to explore. Afterwards I stayed in that space and allowed words to pour itself onto paper. What we discovered hasn’t left me. It feels like a calm seed germinating in its own tempo. Out of nowhere 2 clients actually got referred to me! Thank you for reconnecting me with my seed”
- Erika Verhoeven