I used to think that hustle was just part of being in business.  That at some stage no matter what product you were selling or how you how selling it the hustle stage was inevitable.  I even convinced myself that a bit of hustle was helping my clients to get what they needed.

The thing is my last few launches I hustled almost to the point of burnout.
I pushed and pulled and tried to manipulate the universe and my clients to do what I wanted them to do…. Buy my stuff!

Recently I was in the middle of a launch for one of my programmes.  I was ‘doing’ all of the usual things like  Facebook adds, sending emails, posting on instagram and all my social media channels and I was also meditating and connecting with my guides.  

But to be honest it was all a bit half-hearted and I was having the launch wobbles, I was worried about sales and I also was going through a roller coaster of emotions.  I felt exhausted and a bit breathless like I was on the verge of a constant panic attack. I had to keep pushing this back by walking my dog or spending time with my family.  

I decided to just stop and actually given up.  I thought if this is business then I can’t do it anymore. I put up my white flag and said surrender and then proceeded to go through the motions of my launch. I knew what to do and I also knew then when I commit I follow through.  

However the ‘push’ energy had disappeared.  

Just at that moment a good friend and fellow spiritual entrepreneur reached out to support me [That’s energy for you!] we spoke for a moment and she knew I had given up.  

She gently said; ‘Can you just stop resisting this launch and tell me what you’re excited about? Could you focus for a moment on the people you are going to serve through your work?  Can you play with me?’

I had nothing to lose so I began to paint a picture and this is what I said….

‘I absolutely can’t wait to welcome these new lightworkers into our community.  I know for some of them they are going to feel loved and supported like never before.

I can’t wait for them to dive into themselves and discover their sacred contract, to really see why they are here and who they are here to serve. Those moments are the most special for me, when a light goes on in someone’s eyes, when they realize their life purpose.

I can’t wait to do our first group call together and experience the love, the tears and the heart opening space that those calls provide for me and my community.  

I can’t wait to support them to get their first package online and make their healing work available to so many more people than if they hadn’t moved through the programme.’  

As I spoke to my friend the tears flowed down my face and my heart was filled with pure and complete joy. I realised in that moment that I was just ‘inviting’ all the lightworkers I knew to join me in that experience.   No pushing or selling, just inviting, just leaning back into a space of pure love.  

I am saying ‘Look I’m here and you’re welcome to join us’.

And that’s my invitation to you today.  If you’re a lightworker and you have been struggling to make it in business the old way. I invite you to step into something different. There’s no pushing, no pulling, there’s just alignment and grounding and courage to do things differently.  

In a world of online marketing where the loudest voice seems to win, it takes courage to say NO!  Courage to say, I’m going to get rooted in myself and connect with the love that’s inside me now and then I’m just going to invite the world to come work, play and create in that space with me. 

Right after our conversation my friend sent me this beautiful picture of a cherry blossom and I knew it was about standing fully, gloriously in my own spiritual power and connection. I didn’t have to DO anything else!  

My clients are already there, waiting for me to stand still long enough, so they can find me.

I turned on my computer to write to you [It’s a new one, as my other one had also surrendered about a few weeks ago and this new one had just arrived!]  So this was literally my first time turning it on and I gasped and caught my breathe. The screen saver was a stunning image of branches from the cherry blossom tree!  

This is energy!
This is spiritual business.

This is living rooted in your spiritual path and living from that place everyday.  Whether that’s in your business, your relationships, your career, your whatever, it’s not separate, they are ALL your spiritual path.   

As Ram Dass says ‘We are all just walking each other home’

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Aishling x

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