I’m sooooo excited to invite you to spend two days with myself and my friend spiritual teacher and entrepreneur Marcia O’Regan in November in the beautiful city on the hill Bergamo, Italy.

The focus will be Divine Feminine Rising and a beautiful celebration, transformation and upleveling for those of you who are ready for this. ​​​​​​​

For myself this event will be the fulfillment of a sacred contract I recieved and accepted a few years ago, to become involved in the rising of Feminine energy in the world. Marcia will bring her own magic and message to the event.

Together it will be an honouring, a celebration and an anchoring of this new wave of energy.

The investment in you is €497

Take a moment and drop down into your heart ….

Ask yourself and your soul:

Would you like to join myself and Marcia in Italy and take part in this rising energy?

If the answer is yes then book right away.



Prefer a payment plan?


I can’t say exactly what miracles will happen. I can only say the energy around this event is incredible already and I know working with myself and Marcia in a room is life changing. It will be intuitive and spirit led to serve the lightworkers in the room and what they need in their lives and business right now.

And I can’t think of a more beautiful setting than the beautiful city of Bergamo on a hill. It offers a historic old town, wonderful Italian food, and stunning scenery.

The event takes place just after all saints day. It’s a time of year when the veils between two worlds is thinnest and we can communicate with our angels and spirit with more ease than usual.

The angels and goddesses are converging to meet us there.


Ready to say YES? 

HEADS UP! Six places are already gone for this event. I wouldn’t wait too long to book. Flights right now are really affordable and as it’s a bank holiday weekend in Italy, we’re encouraging everyone to get booked in asap.

All my love 
Aishling xxxxx

Divine Feminine Rising 

with Aishling Mooney & Marcia O’Regan

Bergamo (Milan), Italy

Sat 3rd & Sunday 4th November 2018

ALL profits from this event will go the charity KIVA which supports female entrepreneurs in third world countries.