Ready for an amazing new year?

Need help to set your intentions for 2019?

Would you like more clarity on what you really need and want for the next twelve months?

Are you open to help from your angels and guides?

Let’s do this!

This ‘Intention setting’ video is a Sneak peek from the new course : 

 7 Steps in forgiveness for healing, love and abundance (Starting 11th January)

Tune in right now and get refocused and back on track with your dreams and goals.

After you do the exercise let me know in the comments below what are your two words for 2019.

Are you considering joining us in the new course on forgiveness?

This is the first time I’m sharing so deeply about forgiveness outside of my VIP Heart Mastermind group Mastery with Metatron.

I’d LOVE to share this with you. We already have a beautiful group of lightworkers who are gathering to walk with me through these seven steps.

I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen. My intention is that we clear (with the help of our angels and guides and Mother Mary) anything that is not LOVE from our timelines seven generations back and forwards.

Since posting about this course I’ve had a lot of questions so I created a beautiful blog post for you with all your questions answered.

You can read it here :

Have a look and let me know what you think and if you have any other questions please reach out and I’ll answer them asap. Just hit reply to this email.

All my love
Aishling xxx

P.s. Just a heads up that this is the one and only time I’ll be doing this forgiveness course LIVE, once it’s been completed with this group, it will be available as a homestudy progamme with no live element. This is unique chance to work with me in person and an incredible group of lightworkers, for a very small donation of whatever you can afford. We start in just a few days!

The complete course will be available for purchase for €197 afterwards.

As a founding member of this course in forgiveness we’re simply asking for a DONATION to say to the universe you’re in and you want to be in the room with us in January.

Click the blog for more details:


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NEW COURSE 7 Steps of forgiveness for healing, love and abundance

This January, I’m taking forgiveness a step further and opening up a safe and private sacred space for a group to explore forgiveness with me.  This is the first time that I’m offering this outside of my VIP heart mastermind programme Mastery with Metatron. A donation of whatever you can afford is all you need to join us there.

I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen but we’ll aim to clear anything that is not love from our timelines 7 generations back and 7 generations forwards.  We’ll go into healing your current life, your past lives, your health story, your career/spiritual business story, your relationships, your earth story and really look deeply at what it means to live a life in LOVE.

It runs  11th January to the 18th January 2019.

The complete course will be available for purchase afterwards for €197

Get started with a DONATION of whatever you can afford!

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7 Steps of forgiveness for healing, love and abundance

10th January 2019 Welcome setting your intentions and getting ready to work and play in a sacred healing space for seven days.

We gather to set our intentions as it’s THE most powerful part of any journey, deciding where you want to go and what you want to achieve. As a group we can hold that vision for you and add our collective energy for your healing.

Day 1 (11th Jan) Bringing forgiveness and healing to your current time line.

We start NOW in this moment, the present and allow healing to start here

Day 2  (12th Jan) Bringing forgiveness and healing to your past lives.

You don’t have to even know how many lives you’ve lived or what they where about but bringing healing here is very powerful and allows you to also bring into your current life some of those gifts that may be blocked.

Day 3 (13th Jan)  Mother Earth Forgiveness including all the animals and beings and life on this planet.

The earth is our home, without her we have nowhere to live.  This is an honouring ceremony and an acknowledging of all our mother gives us willingly.

Day 4  (14th Jan) Bring healing and forgiveness to your body and your health.

This a huge part of this process, many of us hold dislike currently for our bodies or we may be experiencing ill health.  This is a gift for you, your body and every aspect of health physical and mental, emotional and sexual.  We ask Raphael to come with us into this space with a healing balm and Mother Mary to help with this process

Day 5 (15th Jan ) Bringing forgiveness and healing to your voice in the world (empowering you to speak up, to share, to heal with your words, written or spoken)

You have a powerful voice and an opportunity to use to bring healing into the world. This step clears all blocks and karma that may be preventing you from fully expressing your voice in the world.

Day 6 (16th Jan) Forgiveness to seven generations back and seven generations forward

This is a crucial part of the week and a turning point in your forgiveness and healing journey. It offers an opportunity to bring healing across many generations at once, the effects of this healing will ripple out into the world in all directions.  It’s a power point in this forgiveness process.

Day 7  (17th Jan) Closing circle ceremony, Integration meditation and celebration

This is where we’ll integrate the healing and transformation of the past week.

Bonus materials and meditations:

  • Forgiveness in your career and business (Livestream REPLAY)
  • Forgiveness in your relationships (Livestream)
  • Forgiveness in your money story (PDF)

We’ll be working with the energies of your guides and ascended masters and also the following:  Mother Mary & Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Archangels Raphael, Michael, Metatron, Jophiel, Chamuel, Raziel, Haniel, Nathaniel, Sandalphon.

HOW will this work? 

Each day I’ll post an audio meditation and/or an exercise to help you with the focus of the day, we’ll work and play through the material as a group. (The meditations are about 10 minutes each so you can fit them into any schedule). You’ll be able to access the secret facebook group for support from an incredible community of like minded lightworkers to help you process and integrate your forgiveness journey. You’ll have access to the content, conversation and meditations 24/7 so can do it at anytime of day or night that suits you.

During the week I’ll do a number of livestreams and I’m available for Q&A and support.  The welcome and closing will be LIVE in the private group.

Afterwards The complete course will be available for purchase for €197

Get started with a DONATION of whatever you can afford!

To book your place




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