I attended a course on speed reading last year, and got one of the best pieces of advice ever. To paraphrase, ‘anything can be accomplished in 20 minutes’. Jan, the presenter, went on to explain to us this concept in greater detail.

In Life Coaching many clients complain of procrastination, however, on further exploration it usually becomes apparent that they are not procrastinating but suffering from OVERWHELM. They want to do too many things and can’t seem to focus or complete any one thing. They say they don’t have time and flit from one thing to the next, fire fighting their way through life, never finishing things and feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied and putting themselves down as well.

One of my past clients, George, was self-employed and wanted to make his business a success but complained he just didn’t have enough time to do it all. I asked him to list 6 things he could do that would improve his business and ultimately make him more money. He took about 20 minutes and his list went something like this:

1. Create a website for my business

2. Create some products I can sell on my website

3. Put some energy into increasing online presence, including learning about social media and how it can help me in my business

4. Design a specific product for my specific target group

5. Go to a local organisation and tell them about my business and my product and get them to pay me for it.

6. Take a training course that will improve my skills and enhance the credibility of me and my business.

I took his list and wrote a date the same time next month beside each item and every month after that.

I told him you are only to take one item and give it your focus for a month. Take 20 minutes every day and do something about that goal. The relief on his face was wonderful! Only 20 minutes?!

Think about a goal that you have wanted to achieve, maybe write a book, get a new job, get fit and healthy, find a new relationship or anything at all and imagine – if you gave that just 20 minutes each day for 28 days, what sort of impact would it have on your business or your life?

Now decide when you are going to give those 20 minutes to yourself and your goals?

On the same piece of paper write down the time of day you promise to give to your dreams.

Put the page somewhere you can see it everyday.

Have fun my dears!

Aisling x

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