How many roles do you have in your life? What if the more roles you have to play in your life, the stronger would you become, mentally and physically?

Have a look at the list below and on a piece of paper, make your own list;

Son, Daughter, friend, Sister or Brother, Spouse, Parent, Grandparent, Partner, Mother, Father, Learner, Professional, Home Manager, Volunteer, Motivator, Recorder, Artist, Caregiver, Mentor, Provider, Manager, Teacher, Listener, Writer, Coach, Musician, Colleague, Peacemaker, Environmentalist, Observer, Nurturer…..

(Any other roles that come to mind write those down too i.e. Skateboarder, Singer, Dancer….)

At a conference last year, I heard how a group of people had been tested, in how long they could hold their hand in ice water. They asked each person to identify their roles, unique to their own lives and to list them. Then they asked them, to put their hand into ice cold water and leave it there as long as they could bear.

The results? The people with the most roles, lasted the longest!

So what does this mean for you and me?

Many clients come to me with lack of confidence and low self esteem. Sometimes one of the reasons is they don’t see themselves as having any true worth or value in the world. Realizing that that you are playing many roles in your life, that make you important to many people, can increase your self worth, your confidence and as evidenced in the experiment above your mental and physical strength.

A few years ago, I read the life story of Buckminster Fuller. At 32, Fuller was bankrupt, jobless, drinking heavily and was grieving the death of his young daughter from Polio and meningitis.

One night in winter, he went out to end his life in the freezing cold river near his home. As he stood there convinced, this was his only option and that he was worthless, he heard a voice telling him more or less ‘You are important’. In that moment everything changed, he resolved to devote his life to finding out, how one single individual, could contribute to changing the world and benefit all of humanity. He referred to himself as an experiment and endeavoured to only speak words tat helped or were useful (this resulted in a vow of silence lasting 2 years!).

He went on to publish more than 30 books, had about 25 patents for things he invented, 47 honorary degrees in the arts, sciences, engineering and the humanities, received multiple awards and medals for his work and circled the globe 57 times. He developed a structure called the geodesic sphere which is the strongest known manmade structure on earth.

It is unthinkable how much the world would have lost, if Fuller had taken his life that night.

This week, I’d really like you to consider how many roles you have in your life. Write them down! And put the list somewhere you can find it easily and add to it as you think of another one.

And at the end of the week, write down any other roles you would love to add to that list at any stage in the future. C’mon, just do it! Allow yourself to dream big. Add any new roles you think of below in the comment section. The fact is, I know you are important and I know you have something of unique value to contribute to the world, that only you can do. No matter where you are in your life today, or how you’re feeling remember Fuller and his story and let me be that voice in your ear saying;


Write to me and tell me your thoughts and ideas as you read this blog today, I’d love to hear from you!

Centre your Desires and Take Flight!

Best wishes

Aisling x

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