You know when I was working as an Angel Therapist and NLP Practitioner, I never had enough clients and I felt guilty charging people money for my services. How was I ever going to make this business work?

The truth is if you are not making money from your Holistic Business then it may look from the outside to everyone else as an EXPENSIVE HOBBY!

You love what you do, you’d do it for free and you just wish it would work so you could do this everyday!

Until you get some basic skills in place your business will never work.

You could start by realizing that your biggest obstacle to success is your own mindset and beliefs that you have about what a holistic business should look, sound and feel like.

You may have been comparing it to a traditional business or job that you had before your business.

A holistic business is completely different from any other business!



You just cannot work 9 to 5 as a healer or a massage therapist or practitioner of any kind. I know that’s a huge statement to make, but I really feel strongly about this. The work that you do, cannot be quantified or boxed off into hourly periods.

The work you do for your clients may be shifting years of blockages and negative energy, it doesn’t take just one hour in one day!

Be honest! How many of you have been preparing for a client long before they get to you? And still working with them long after they’ve left you?

You may have a dream the night before or even a spiritual visitation, with some information or guidance that you know will help someone who’s coming to see you for a consultation. You will still be praying for guidance and help for that person long after they leave you. they will enter your thoughts at odd moments and you’ll pray for them.

How do you cost that type of work and that type of result? What if someone comes to you for an angel card reading and you give them some information that helps them to finally take a huge step forward in their lives. They may change their career, relationship, health and lifestyle. What are the costs of these improvements?


There is no way to cost them…..

So why are you still undercharging and overworking yourself?

I’m giving you permission today to accept that you are different! Your job is nothing like traditional positions. It’s time to embrace fully the difference and begin to realize the true value of your work and contribution you are making to the people you serve each and every day.

I salute you my dears keep shining!

Best wishes

Aisling x

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