Let’s talk about forgiveness. To be honest this is a subject I avoided for years. I’ve come to realise that it’s one of the most important things, that I can do as part of my spiritual practice, to nourish my own soul. It’s a continuous practice and it’s something that I will come back to over and over again.  There’s a BIG unspoken bonus in this work that’s a secret I’ve discovered when you forgive you clear out your energy system and become a magnet for abundance.

I teach this in my Mastery with Metatron programme for Lightworkers, it’s the very first module.

According to Metatron and his teachings, the element of forgiveness is held in the base chakra and it’s related to how much love, self-love, self-compassion, self-worth, how much you value yourself and how much abundance you will allow into your life.

In the video I take you through a simple exercise that’s part of the Mastery with Metatron Programme.

This exercise was channeled from Metatron and also invites in the energy of the two archangels Michael and Zadkiel.  It’s called the golden triangle and will help you to begin your forgiveness journey right now today.

Was it easy to forgive?

Did working with the angels help?

You can come back and do this simple excercise as often as you wish.  It’s very simple and includes three short pieces that together are incredibly powerful.

In just five minutes you’ll be amazed at what you’re able to do.

You can do this exercise as often as you need. I guarantee that it gets easier and easier and easier the more that you do it. So have a fantastic day. Hoʻoponopono!

Let me know how you get on and how it helped you.

To learn more about the new forgiveness course just scroll down. You can join us for a small donation of whatever you can afford.

All my love

Aishling xxxx



So let’s talk about the ‘F’ word in spiritual business success…..

Yes you’re right it’s  FORGIVENESS!

I know it’s not sexy and not something that we probably ever arrive at singing and dancing, but I do know that it’s the one doorway that when you choose to walk through it over and over again brings such joy and abundance into every single area of your life.

This January, I’m taking forgiveness a step further and opening up a safe and private sacred space for a group to explore forgiveness with me.  This is the first time that I’m offering this outside of my VIP heart mastermind programme Mastery with Metatron. A donation of whatever you can afford is all you need to join us there.

I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen but we’ll aim to clear anything that is not love from our timelines 7 generations back and 7 generations forwards.  We’ll go into healing your current life, your past lives, your health story, your career/spiritual business story, your relationships, your earth story and really look deeply at what it means to live a life in LOVE.

This forgiveness work will infuse into every area of your life and did I mention abundance?

The upshot of forgiveness is that it releases your abundance and allows you to literally open up to more money in your life and business.   Your self worth is directly related to your net worth.  When we bring forgiveness to every corner of your life and world your self worth and your net worth increases.  It’s really that simple.

I teach spiritual entrepreneurs how to create a successful business by combining practical and energetic tools to accelerate growth in your spiritual business. However FORGIVENESS is one of the main keys to unlock a  wealth of abundance that’s actually right there right now waiting to come into your life.

Many of you haven’t written your invoice to the universe yet?  You’ve done the work but haven’t asked for the money or even created the way for it to reach you.  Forgiveness is the way to add manifesting fuel to whatever you want to create or increase in your life.

This is the spiritual business success in action. 

I do know it will be fast, we are moving into 5 D living and transformation can happen very quickly now if we hold the intention that this is so.

Is this resonating with you?

Is your soul calling you to join us for this seven step exploration into forgiveness?

It’s easy to join us, just click the link below to make your small contribution to let the universe know that you are saying yes to this and I’ll add you to the secret Facebook group where you can get started setting your intention for the seven day journey.

It runs  11th January to the 18th January 2019.

The complete course will be available for purchase afterwards for €197

Get started with a DONATION of whatever you can afford!

As a founding member of this course in forgiveness, we’re simply asking for a DONATION to say to the universe you’re in and you want to be in the room with us in January.




Continue reading for more details……


10th January 2019 welcome setting intention and getting ready to work and play in a sacred healing space for seven days.

We gather to set our intentions as it’s THE most powerful part of any journey, deciding where you want to go and what you want to achieve. As a group we can hold that vision for you and add our collective energy for your healing.

Day 1 (11th Jan) Bringing forgiveness and healing to your current time line.

We start NOW in this moment, the present and allow healing to start here

Day 2  (12th Jan) Bringing forgiveness and healing to your past lives.

You don’t have to even know how many lives you’ve lived or what they where about but bringing healing here is very powerful and allows you to also bring into your current life some of those gifts that may be blocked.

Day 3 (13th Jan) Forgiveness to mother earth, all the animals and beings and life on this planet.

The earth is our home, without her we have nowhere to live.  This is an honouring ceremony and an acknowledging of all our mother gives us willingly.

Day 4  (14th Jan) Bring healing and forgiveness to your body and your health.

This a huge part of this process, many of us hold dislike currently for our bodies or we may be experiencing ill health.  This is a gift for you, your body and every aspect of health physical and mental, emotional and sexual.  We ask Raphael to come with us into this space with a healing balm and Mother Mary to help with this process

Day 5 (15th Jan ) Bringing forgiveness and healing to your voice in the world (empowering you to speak up, to share to heal with your words, written or spoken)

You have a powerful voice and an opportunity to use to bring healing into the world. This step clears all blocks and karma that may be preventing you from fully expressing your voice in the world.

Day 6 (16th Jan) Forgiveness to seven generations back and seven generations forward

This is a crucial part of the week and a turning point in your forgiveness and healing journey. It offers an opportunity to bring healing across many generations at once, the effects of this healing will ripple out into the world in all directions.  It’s a power point in this forgiveness process.

Day 7  (17th Jan) Closing circle ceremony, Integration meditation and celebration

This is where we’ll integrate the healing and transformation of the past week.

Bonus materials and meditations:

  • Forgiveness of your career and business (Livestream)
  • Forgiveness in your relationships (Livestream)
  • Forgiveness in your money story (PDF)

We’ll be calling in and working with the energies of your guides and ascended masters and also the following:  Mother Mary & Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Archangels Raphael, Michael, Metatron, Jophiel, Chamuel, Raziel, Haniel, Nathaniel, Sandalphon.

HOW will this work? 

Each day I’ll post an audio meditation and/or an exercise to help you with the focus of the day, we’ll work and play through the material as a group for 24 hours. You can share live in the secret facebook group to for support from an incredible community of like minded lightworkers to help you process and integrate your forgiveness journey.

During the week I’ll do a number of livestreams and I’m available for Q&A and support throughout the week.  The welcome and closing will be LIVE in the private group.

The complete course will be available for purchase for €197

Get started with a DONATION of whatever you can afford!

As a founding member of this course in forgiveness we’re simply asking for a DONATION to say to the universe you’re in and you want to be in the room with us in January.




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