Today, we’re going to talk about finding your soul purpose. So, how can you find your soul purpose?

In the Abundant Heart for light workers with a spiritual business, I help you to start serving the people that you’re here to serve and you’re sacredly contracted to serve. But the first part of  that is to find out what your soul purpose is, what your sacred contract is.

There’s a few steps in the process that we go through. The first step is to look at your own life because that’s where the gemstones.

The first step is to go and do sort of an inventory, a life review. You know, what is it in your life that was important? Have a look at the milestones. Think about your story, your healer’s journey. How were you as a child? What type of books did you read or activities where you favourites? Was their early trauma or was it beautiful? Think about what part of the world you were born in and what the vibration of that place has given you.

Think about your life as you are the hero in your own story.

  • What were your challenges?
  • What were the beautiful moments? 
  • Who were your champions?
  • Who were the people that really supported and helped you?
  • And who were the people that challenged you?

Because they are also your champions in a different way. They really allowed you to learn some really powerful and important lessons that are part of your life purpose. So start there.

And the next step is to really clue in and identify what are the things that you love doing and are probably already doing whether you are getting paid for it or not.  What would you do for free? What are your hobbies? What do you do for fun?


So go do your life review today and come back to me with what you discover. Please share your golden nuggets with us.

You might be good at listening to people. You might be good at painting. You might be good at dancing. You might be good at meditating. I’d love to hear from you!  Comment below

Aishling x

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