You’ve probably heard that your thoughts can affect your life, and can even change your life.

Well what if your body and the way it moves and behaves could also change your life?

What if a timid person stood tall with head held high, would they actually begin to feel that way?

I’ve just listened to an amazing talk by Amy Cuddy on TED. She’s completed some research on this topic and has found some astounding results – just two minutes of power poses each day can profoundly affect the way we think and feel and also how people react to us.

She tested people before an interview. Some did power poses and others sat in hunched up positions. The interviewers wanted to hire all the power posers!

To listen to the full twenty minute talk click on the link below;

This information could REALLY change your life for the better and how you think and behave. In NLP coaching sessions I work with clients to help them explore how they are thinking, feeling, and behaving in their lives, with a view to replacing anything that’s not working with good thoughts, feelings, and better ways to react to particular situations.

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