Today let’s talk about how to gain more courage and confidence with the help of the angels.

This is one of my favourite topics and one of the things that I ask for the most help with, from the angels.

Before I began working with lightworkers as a spiritual business mentor. I used to be a personal development teacher and a life coach. A lot of the clients that came to me were experiencing anxiety, panic attacks and just wanted to discover how they could become more confidence in their lives.

My number one top tip secret angel for this job is Archangel Michael. Most of you will have heard of Archangel Michael. Michael is the protector, the angel to give you confidence and courage on your path.

If you are in a situation that you know needs to change but are looking to find the courage to do that then the angels can help you with this.  Learning to work with the angels and in particular your guardian angel and AA Michael will help you each and every time you need to bring more courage to make the leap and change a situation.

Michael is the angel that helps you to have the courage to take the first step.
When I’m working with people all around the world in the Transform with Angels course, apart from your guardian angel, Michael is the first angel that I encourage people to work with. If you’ve only got Michael on your side, you’re ahead of the game!

Let’s connect with the wonderful Archangel Michael. I love this angel so much. He comes in with a bit of sense of humour, encouraging you to lighten up, have a bit of fun. The problems that we think we have are usually not as big as we think they are.

Take a beautiful breath, put your feet flat on the ground. Call in the wonderful Archangel Michael. (Watch the video for the full guided process) Tell Michael about any issue where you need courage or confidence to make a change, to move in a new direction, whatever it is for you. Just take a moment to get clear on what that is.

It doesn’t take anything special to connect with your angels. They’re right there beside you. It just takes a breath and the willingness to ask for help. So just breathe and ask your angels and Michael for some help with this issue, pour out your heart.

Now say; ‘Michael, give me courage and confidence’ and see yourself filling up with this golden, beautiful light filling up your body.

Michael is encouraging you this week to find something yellow or golden as a symbol. It can be an image that you Google or that you come across or something in your life to remind you that you have angels walking beside you today. This is the first step to manifesting anything you want in your life. It’s asking for the courage and confidence to actually take that first step.

I hope you enjoyed this video today. Please let me know what comes up for you as you connect with Michael. Post below or Let us know in the Facebook group and if you can think of anyone that you think might enjoy this video or might enjoy any of these videos, then please share and let them know that we’re here and we’re having this conversation.

Have a fantastic, courageous and confident yellow golden day and I’ll see you next week for more Inspiration for Lightworkers.

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