Let’s talk about angels and color and how you can use color in your life. I’m not an expert this is just my take on this topic.

You can go deeper if you work with a colour therapist.  Comment below if you’d like some recommendations of people I have worked with clients and friends.

In the video I talk about the basics and show you how I have used colour in my life and spiritual business for success. I use color all the time in my business. I am constantly aware of the colors that I choose to wear and the subliminal messages that those colors have and also the angels that I invite in with those colors.

In the video I’m wearing a top that has green and blue in it. That would be a combination of Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael, for courage and confidence and speaking from the throat and healing. 

Blue is to help me, to speak  clearly and is also connected with Archangel Michael for the courage and confidence to speak your truth.

Black is a very grounding, I wear black socks if I need grounding and I want to have my feet firmly on the ground and I’ve a bit too much going on my head.

Red, is also grounding but is a powerful passionate color. This is the color of Archangel Haniel, the moon goddess, the warrior goddess. You put on red, you mean business. You’re looking for a promotion. You want to move up in your life. You’ve had enough of a crappy relationships. You want to change your diet and you want to start exercising. You know, Michael comes in to give you courage and confidence, but Haniel comes in to just say “Enough!” So, wear red when you need a burst of energy or extra confidence.

Gold  is one of the highest colors and it transmutes all negative energy into positive energy and love. So it’s a really powerful color to have in your spiritual toolbox box.

Silver is quick, fast, mental alertness. You know, if you need to get things done quickly, you need to be on the ball, you need to be focused, silver is a great color to wear. I love silver. I love silver jewelry and it’s really good if you need a focus and you need to be alert, silver is a great color to call in. If I see silver and gold anywhere, I think of angels.

Each colour can help you with a different area of your life and business.  I go into much more detail in the video. Let me know your thoughts on this and how you use colour in your life and spiritual business.


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