Part three: The Breakthrough

In part one I shared how I had a complete crisis in my life and business and in part two how I gave myself the time and space to recover and what exactly I did in that time.

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In part three I’ll share with you the breakthrough and what happened as I went through my healing process.  I share the new thoughts, new understanding and a new dream and vision that emerged for myself and all lightworkers everywhere.  I hope this serves you on some level.

Breakthrough………. Dictionary meaning [Ref. Google search]

Breakthrough (Ref. Google dictionary)

‘a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development.’


synonyms:advance, development, step forward, leap forward, quantum leap, step in the right direction, success, discovery, find, improvement, innovation, revolution;

progress, headway, advancement


We have a saying among my fellow entrepreneurs and business buddies; ‘break down before you break through’.  We know from experience that for every big breakthrough that we have in our lives and business, there is most likely a breakdown of some sort that happens before it.

The breakdown can look like a momentary lapse of confidence, fear takes over and you doubt your abilities to succeed and you may even feel like a complete fraud and inadequate, for something you’ve already been doing really well.

It can also feel like a pause where nothing happens, customers stop buying, tech goes haywire, things just seem to go wrong.  You may feel like you’re doing everything you possibly can, but there’s no traction, no results for all your efforts.

In my case it was becoming unwell so I could no longer physically work in the same way and was forced to pause and make changes. (Sometimes the only time we will take the time to pause and allow in something new is when we get sick!)

The breakthrough is a new level of understanding, a new mind set or a new perspective on some area of my life.  It’s something that allows me to see things differently so that I can make things better.

Understanding this has allowed me to be calmer during the ‘breakdown’, it’s just a sign that a breakthrough is coming. That we need to make space for something new and we also need to rest and gather our energies for the next step on our path and life purpose. It’s a sign that something completely new is coming.

The following are some of the realizations and breakthroughs especially in my mind set that occurred in this healing space over a period of six weeks.


Things I discovered…


I was working way too hard.  Since moving from Ireland to Italy, I had more time on my hands and instead of finally giving some of that time to my actual life, I poured it into my business, working longer hours to the point of exhaustion and burnout.

I had been chasing money, the next client or the next project and hardly acknowledging my achievements at all. It felt like nothing was enough and I forgot that I’m already living a rich and amazing life. I forgot about gratitude for the present moment.

I felt completely out of alignment with my life purpose, my intuition and my spiritual side (more on that later), I couldn’t remember why I went into business in the first place!

I didn’t actually have a business model. I had created a JOB and not a business, busy, busy, busy….

I forgot that I needed to be more than busy in my business, I need to be productive and focus on revenue generating activities. (I’ll write a whole blog on this topic for you as it’s literally HUGE! Without regular profitable income you don’t have a business, you have a hobby)

I had a lot of unfinished projects and incomplete systems which were actually completely sabotaging and leaking money out of my business and keeping me very, very busy! Busy not productive.



I got two books on goal setting by Leonie Dawson.  The business one arrived first and I loved completing it.  The second one arrived ‘life goals’ and I struggled to find any goals that didn’t involve my business.  EVERYTHING I wanted to achieve was wrapped up in the success of my business.  Whoa!

I had ignored or taken for granted the important relationships in my life.  I was too busy to answer the phone to anyone outside of business.  I responded to my client’s texts faster than my families! Because it was work and that was important!

I was ignoring my own health, was barely getting enough exercise and not eating as well as I could. My health and well being was something that I squeezed into my work day.

I choose time in my business over spending time with my husband and kids. I justified it by saying things like: The business brings in the money so we can have a great life, so that’s more important than anything else!



I neglected my spiritual  life for more important things like (you guessed it!) WORK! I told myself that my business was a spiritual activity.  While that does hold some truth, there’s no substitute for a regular spiritual practice that connects you to the deep well of love inside you.  (A whole other blog coming just on this topic too, connection to source is literally your ticket to a happy and successful life and spiritual business.)

When I became unwell the one thing that helped me to get back on track was complete rest, meditation and journaling. A spiritual practise and space to think, dream and meditate was ESSENTIAL to getting better and improving all areas of my life!  I had been treating it as an optional extra.

The biggest realization I had was looking at everything that I had created in my business in the last six years…. Half of my work was spiritual on how to connect with the angels, heal your mind and return to love and the other half was on business, marketing and everything a lightworker needed to succeed in business.

The two sides were almost equal in content. However, I was promoting the business side and not the spiritual side.  It’s like I have two hands but I was only using one.  Half of my message was being shared with the world, what about the other half?!

I realized at my core that I am healer, a leader and a teacher of energy and love.  I had to reconnect with my true passion which is helping people to connect with the spiritual realms, the angels, the love that binds all things together in the world. And I also LOVE teaching lightworkers about how to create a successful spiritual business.

Could I combine the two? And what would that look like?


NEW DREAM in spiritual business for lightworkers

A new vision began to emerge for me, a bigger dream than the one I had been dreaming.

I found I was still committed to creating a world of wealthy lightworkers, however that means wealthy in ALL areas of life and not just your bank balance.  There’s an old saying ‘Healthy, Wealthy and Wise’ that got me thinking about what it means to actually be a wealthy lightworker.

Ultimately EVERY single lightworker (and actually any business owner with a beating heart and a conscience) wants to make a positive difference in the world. We are wired to serve and help others.

We can create wealth through our business and change the world! As lightworkers in business we have the capacity to become conscious leaders and teachers and even conscious capitalists.

I believe that lightworkers can help to change the world by reconnecting with and fully embracing our spiritual side and bringing that into our spiritual businesses first.

My dream now includes: Lightworkers coming together as leaders and teachers in spiritual business having a profound impact on the well being of the whole planet.


We can be healthy Let’s start a revolution and really make our own self care and health (on all levels and whatever that looks like for you) a priority. We’ve got to learn to lead with a big vision that doesn’t suck every once of energy from our souls.  We want to leave this planet not exhausted but filled up to overflowing.

As Lisa Nicholls  says ‘Give from your saucer (the overflow), NEVER from your cup’.

Creating systems, saying no, getting your first online course available for sale on your website, leading your first group and moving away from all one to one, reducing your working hours and increasing your prices are all acts of self care!

Making time to actually have a LIFE outside of your spiritual business, is also an act of self care.

Creating supportive healthy relationships in ALL areas of your life and making time to nurture them is an act of self care.  We need other people in our personal lives, in our businesses and in our communities. We need each other to thrive together.

Committing to a healthy spiritual practise is essential to your overall well being. It’s not an optional extra, it’s a NON-NEGOTIABLE.

We can be wealthy and make tons of money and enjoy spending it, sharing it, saving it and giving it away. We need to get our heads out of the sand and learn about business how it works and how to make it work for you, your lifestyle and dreams for a better world. Even a charity has to find ways to make more money, they have to know about marketing, sales and systems.

We also need to understand money as an energy that reflects and enhances more of who you are. If you’re greedy, you’ll be even greedier with more money, if you’re generous, you’ll be even more generous with money.  Money is just energy and does what YOU want it to.  We’ve got to make it ok to accept money for our healing gifts (if you’re in business than it’s ok to exchange money for your healing and often life changing services).

We also got to love and support each other on this journey. No shaming or blaming or witch hunting. Healers have the right to make a living too.


We can be wise.  It’s your duty to continue to do the inner work as a lifelong learner on this planet. In the end after you’ve got the know how, then it’s all about mindset and basically self love.  Often our net worth is wrapped up in your self worth. Learning to love, forgive, appreciate and accept yourself is key to a healthy mind and life. Maintaining a healthy mind is a life-long commitment, sort of like brushing your teeth!

Find teachers, coaches, communities and experts that can show you new possibilities.  They can reflect back to you your full possible potential and show you the way to get there.

We’ve also got to learn to use ALL of our resources wisely, so we don’t burn out over and over again.  Time, money, energy are all resources that finite. Using systems in your business is wise, getting help and the support of a team (even one tech or admin person can make a difference) is wise and effectively managing your money and time is wise.

With the support of each other, with a commitment to lifelong learning, with a renewed sense of self worth and self love a new world of lightworkers is possible.


I’m so committed to this dream and I’m also committed to achieving it with ease, grace, self love and with more energy rather than less.  I’m going to allow myself to be FULLY supported by my angelic team, my earth angels in the WLA team and my community.

I’m emerging from my cocoon now and bringing with me new insights, ideas and I’m going to be planning some new ways to connect with you and to work together.  I’ll share some of these possibilities in the next few weeks.

Loads of love and best wishes

Aishling x


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