In part one: Crisis I shared with you what happened in my journey as an entrepreneur right after a successful launch and first quarter of 2019.  How I realized I had gone off track, lost my purpose and that my heart was crying out for change.

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Here in part two I share with you what I did that helped me to recover.

My aim in writing about this is to help and serve anyone going through a similar experience.
Please take from my journey what you want and leave the rest behind.

For me, one non-negotiable in recovering from ill health whether mental, physical or emotional is to reach out to others for support, especially the people in our lives that love you no matter what.  However only you are the best judge of what you need, so please follow your inner guidance and Dr’s advice.

The path of an entrepreneur can be an emotional, physical and mental roller coaster. It can take up all of our energy and time and head space. Sometimes it can also be a lonely experience, especially if you work online at your computer and don’t need to see many other people in your daily business.

The first thing I did was call a couple of really good friends and fellow spiritual entrepreneurs.  One of them said ‘Aishling you need to go to the dark side’

She meant I needed to really feel all of it, the deep emotions, allow whatever tears needed to flow without guilt, just allow this to be and allow myself to be fully present to myself and what this experience wanted to show me.

I remembered one of my spiritual teachers Norah Finn saying ‘Lightworkers work in the dark.’ I knew that’s where I would find answers.

Knowing I was fully supported by my family, my team and my earth angel friends and my angelic team, I began to go inside.

The following is a list of what helped me find my way back….


I cried a river, some days it felt like it just wouldn’t stop but I didn’t try to stop it or make it wrong, I just let it flow out of me.

I walked my dog (a lot!) and spent as much time as I could in nature and outdoors.  If it was sunny I walked or sat outside, reading, thinking or just being there.

I read books, not the usual business books on my bedside locker but loads of fiction and my favourite romantic and historical fiction novels.  I just read beautiful and well written stories by master storytellers that completely took my mind away.

I watched empowering videos, Brenee Brown was my friend during this time and her talk on the power of vulnerability was probably key to me reaching out to my community for support.


I spent time with my kids, playing, walking, talking and just looking at them and feeling so grateful for them in my life. We watched loads of kids movies including; chitty chitty bang bang, the Jungle book, how to train your dragon etc. (often finding tears flowing again as the powerful messages hidden in these timeless stories moved me). 

I took a trip back to Ireland with my kids for 6 days to spend time with my family there. I treasured being with my parents, siblings and extended family and holding in my arms the newest member, my nephew born on St. Valentines day.

I also followed another good friend’s advice to do my own work.  I did the complete Transform with Angels course working with 12 incredible archangels, helping me to reconnect with my courage, confidence, and life purpose.  I often fell asleep listening to my own voice, helping me to reconnect with the angels and archangels.

I texted or spoke to my entrepreneur friends almost everyday, they supported me by listening and sharing their stories and reminding me of my brilliance.  They gave me space to express myself without any judgement or negative criticism.


I took time everyday to listen to some type of meditation either my own recordings or of other teachers I loved.

I did some EFT, especially during moments of crisis and it helped me to safely experience my emotions and literally move through them.  For example  ‘even though I feel sad and wonder if I’ll ever stop crying, I deeply and completely love and accept myself’  More EFT and tapping scripts HERE)

Forgiveness works in every situation and it’s one of the first things I explore with my Mastery with Metatron students. Forgiveness is the key to more self love and can help dissolve years of trauma, grief and feelings of separation.  I did as much forgiveness work as I could during my healing. I’ve created a simple course on forgiveness that may serve you too CLICK HERE for details.


I reached out to members in my own wonderful community the Wealthy Lightworkers Academy, in particular those who have been working with me for the last few years.  The level of support they gave me makes me want to cry with gratitude.

I asked them to keep me in their prayers and send me whatever they intuitively thought I needed. It included loving, supportive and encouraging messages, cards, paintings, healing techniques, meditations and anything they suggested, I did it. (These are a group of incredible spiritual soul friends who have done a huge amount of personal and spiritual development and I knew I could trust their suggestions)


I also journalled a lot.  I asked myself questions. I had conversations with myself, my inner child, my angels and my guides and kept asking….

  • What’s happening? Why is this happening? What is this experience trying to teach me?
  • What’s the lesson beneath this experience?
  • I also began to ask myself questions about my current business and my life purpose?
  • Is this truly the business I want?
  • Am I living the life I want?
  • What needs to change?
  • What do I actually want?

This questioning brought about some mind blowing breakthroughs and discoveries and a whole new vision emerged for my life and my business.

Read about the dramatic breakthrough and the new vision for my life and business and for lightworkers everywhere.

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  1. Have you ever experienced a similar situation in your life?

What did you do that helped you recover? Your answers may help others who are reading this blog post.




Michael is one of my favourite angels and he comes to help us with confidence and courage whenever we need it in our lives.  I certainly felt his presence in the last few weeks and I wanted to gift you that may help you too.

I hope you enjoy this free meditation with AA Michael.  (It’s one of eleven more meditations to connect with all the archangels in the Transform with Angels course CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS)







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