It was 2am and I couldn’t breathe. I was trying to calm myself, by taking huge deep breathes but it felt like no air was getting into my lungs.

I worried I was having a heart attack…

This was the first time of many that week, where I suffered insomnia, panic attacks, fear, anxiety, crying uncontrollably and feeling anxious and unable to cope with my life.

The really interesting thing is, this happened right after what looked like a successful launch in my business.  Actually we had three months where nearly everything went to plan with a new project every month.

First quarter success….


January I launched the Forgiveness course and 50+ people signed up and worked with me for a month.

February I launched Mastery with Metatron and Mother Mary and had brought together a lovely group to work through that life changing material.

In March we opened the doors to the Abundance Masterclass and 600 members went through the training with huge breakthroughs for their spiritual business.

This April I was supposed to be hosting a live round of the Abundant Heart Programme which helps our community of spiritual entrepreneurs get clear on their purpose, gather their community and get their first course online.

The day after the launch I was celebrating, treating myself to lunch and planning for the next thing. That night it all went pear shaped, when I woke in complete and utter panic, struggling to catch my breath.

I did eventually manage to calm myself down and get some sleep.  The next day I tried to ‘get back to business’ but I had this physical reaction that stopped me. Every time I sat at my computer a wave of nausea overtook me, my energy dropped and I started to panic again.

It subsided whenever I walked away from my computer. After a few unsuccessful attempts to get back to work, which resulted in some complete melt down moments of anxiety and panic, I knew I needed to listen, trust and I decided to stop working completely.

A voice in my mind shouted: ‘You can’t just leave! The show must go on! They need you!’

And a big trigger for me ‘You’ll let people down if you don’t show up!’.

I ignored that voice and knew I had to take some time off and that even if I didn’t know the outcome, there wasn’t any other choice for me at that time.

With assurances from my Doctor that I was healthy, with nothing physically wrong with me, I knew that I needed to take some time off to recover and to listen to my heart and get back on purpose.  Something was off and I needed to find out what that was.

Initially I was embarrassed to admit I was in pain and needed help. 


I’m the teacher, the leader, the healer, the one who is supposed to help everyone else. I’ve built an online business with thousands of people in our community, taking our programmes and changing their lives.  I wasn’t supposed to get sick!

As soon as I let that go, I let everyone know that I wasn’t ok, including my husband and my family so they could support me at home and in my personal life. My beloved husband Elia held me throughout this whole healing process with love.

In between work commitments, he managed the kids, cooked dinners and did the one hundred and one other things that we normally share everyday and he supported me to get better. Our family here in Italy also supported us both especially in looking after the kids.

The next thing I did was to cancel everything including all work commitments for six weeks and took all social media and email off my phone.

I reached out to my amazing team and they gently took the reins of the Wealthy Lightworkers Academy out of my hands and held sacred space for the members of our community while I recovered.

As soon as I let go or trying to resolve this on my own I started to get better. With the supported space created I began my recovery.


What happened next changed everything…..

 CLICK HERE for part two the way back : Healing

(In part two I share with you everything that I did and didn’t do to help myself recover.  I hope that it serves you too)

Overwork and Stress can cause mental, emotional and physical health difficulties.  If you are experiencing something similar, please reach out for support from the people in your life and ask for help.

Thankfully the times I’ve felt this low have been few but each time the key to my recovery was support from others. Some supports include: Reaching out to friends and family, going to see your Dr, having counselling and healing. 


  1. Have you ever experienced a similar situation in your life?

What did you do that helped you recover? Your answers may help others who are reading this blog post.





Michael is one of my favourite angels and he comes to help us with confidence and courage whenever we need it in our lives.  I certainly felt his presence in the last few weeks and I wanted to gift you that may help you too.

I hope you enjoy this free meditation with AA Michael.  (It’s one of eleven more meditations to connect with all the archangels in the Transform with Angels course CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS)







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