Today, we’re going to talk about asking for an angel sign and what are angel signs. Some of the signs that I would associate with angels that can help to lift you on down days and let you know that you’re not alone, that an angel is with you would be butterflies.

They are a symbol of change and transformation and that things are getting better. Rainbows are another one . If I see a rainbow, it’s a very strong powerful message of good fortune and I’m reminded that I’m not alone, that an angel is with me and that things are going to work out no matter how they might seem right now at this moment.

So, a very powerful symbol is a rainbow. You might see a picture of one. You might see a

physical rainbow. You might hear about a rainbow and that could be your sign.

Feathers are another sign and especially if you find feathers in unusual places where you know a feather wasn’t there before. It’s a really good sign that your angels are listening, have

heard your messages and everything is going to be okay. Just have the faith. Keep going.
Coins, little tiny coins found in unusual places for me is a beautiful angel message of prosperity, of abundance, but also it’s a little bit for me it’s a message around fairy energy. The fairies like to leave little coins sometimes as well to remind you to lighten up and that things are not so bad.

A good positive attitude, a good breath, a good smile can help to lift  and alleviate some pain.

Birds are also a great angel sign, all different types of birds give you a different angel message. Birds in general are a sign of angels. White birds would be a message directly from God. If I have asked a question, I’ve made a prayer, I’ve made a request to God through the angels and a white bird or a flock of white birds within my you know, that I can see to me would symbolize that I’m moving on up to the next level, that God has heard my prayer, that the universe is listening, that my prayers are being answered, that everything is coming in divine timing.

And different birds are for different messages

Crow,  Archangel Michael and it’s reminding you to have courage and confidence.

Robins symbolize messages from my loved ones that have passed. Or if there’s a particularly

difficult emotional situation going on in my life around relationships, the robin is one of the best symbols to just let you know, give you hope that things are improving, things are getting better.
Magpies are jovial, and about  improving your environment, making things beautiful, giving

yourself, you know, a little bit of luxury to lift your energy, lift your environment.

I’d love to hear from you now!
What are the signs that you use to connect with your angels or the angels use to connect with you in your life?

Please share this message with anyone that you know that would love to learn more about angels or would love to hear me make bloopers on these videos.
Smile and have a good belly laugh today.


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