Last week I nervously pressed send and shared my story Breakdown to Breakthrough with you. What followed after that was a flood of emails and comments thanking me for being so vulnerable.

I’m so grateful to be part of this community and for you and your love.

Please share my story Breakdown to Breakthrough to anyone else you think needs to read it today.

I wanted to give you a gift today.  

One of my favourite angels is Archangel Michael and he was with me as I pressed send.  After I sent the email, I went for a nap (my new self care routine kicking) and when I woke I saw a massive angel sign in the sky.  Two airplane trails crossing over each other creating an X in the sky.

Whenever I’ve seen this sign in my life I know it’s a sign from my angels telling me ‘X marks the spot! you’re on track’.

I asked Michael for a message for you today and he replied

‘It’s all going to be ok. If you are struggling right now and can’t see the wood for the trees, just relax and ask us for help. 

You have a thousand angels walking beside you wringing their hands in  frustration because you think you need to do it all alone.  Hey that’s not true, just ask us to help you in every single situation.  

We can’t take the trials away completely,as you need them to grow and learn but we can lighten the load a little.  We can create some magic in the background for you so some tiny miracles happen that make things easier.  

Problems will resolve themselves much easier than you ever thought possible.  
The magical ingredient?  ASK for help, we’re already there with you, waiting to assist you now.’

To thank you for reaching out to me, for the rest of May I’m giving away one of the most popular meditations in the Transform with Angels series, Archangel Michael.  It was the first part of this whole course of twelve Archangels.  (In fact I’m going to give you the whole module!)

You can get access to it right HERE

Also please forward my story Breakdown to Breakthrough to anyone else you think needs to read it today.





Michael is one of my favourite angels and he comes to help us with confidence and courage whenever we need it in our lives.  I certainly felt his presence in the last few weeks and I wanted to gift you that may help you too.

I hope you enjoy this free meditation with AA Michael.  (It’s one of eleven more meditations to connect with all the archangels in the Transform with Angels course CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS)







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